How to Make a Foil Bag for Shoplifting?

In this article, we will discuss the well-known method of shoplifting with a foil bag. Professional thieves often go to work with special equipment. The use of a foil bag is slowly becoming outdated as it has many disadvantages. Instead, shoplifters prefer bags made of RF shielded fabric. The best choice by far are bags from Bombastershop. So read on to find out why professionals don't use foil bags.

How to make a foil bag and should you actually do it?
Special bags hemmed with foil used to be popular in the shoplifting world. Such a bag shields anti-theft tags and labels, so that usual anti-theft gates cannot see them. In this case, shoplifters do not waste time getting rid of tags. The Internet is full of information on how to make a foil bag. We will not dwell on handmade lessons, we will better argue the inexpediency of this craft.

Advantages of foil bags
·        Works universally on AM and RF systems
·        Relatively budget option

Disadvantages of foil bags
·        You have to make constant control of the bag and its quality due to the appearance of microcracks
·        Bags are worn out quickly
·        Problems with use for solid objects
·        If the tag is too high to the top edge of the side of the bag, the alarm will be triggered
·        Such a bag must be constantly hidden from relatives and friends.
·        If a bag is found, the punishment is significantly aggravated, since the owner of the bag deliberately attempted to steal with special equipment
·        Built-in metal detectors, which cannot be visually detected, transmit information about the presence of a thief's bag
If our arguments do not sound convincing, it’s you who makes up the decision. Forewarned is forearmed. A professional thief will never even think about how to make a foil bag. In shoplifting market, there are high-quality and reliable devices that will not cause unnecessary trouble. Bombastershop is the leader of shoplifting equipment.

Booster bags from Bombastershop
In addition to positive feedbacks from regular customers about the use of this bag, it is worth evaluating this bag constructively.

Advantages of booster bags from Bombastershop
·        The bag is made of special fabric and you can order any size and any style of it. Or you can just buy the fabric and sew the necessary bag or even just a pocket depending on the purpose.
·        This bag does not visually differ from the usual one. What is important, it is also not distinguishable by touch
·        It’s invisible to metal detectors
·        In constant use, you can work with it at least for 2 years
·        No need to hide from relatives, and you can carry it with you anywhere
·        One layer of fabric is enough to ensure reliable performance
·        All instructions  about the fabric, making a bag and its features are provided to clients from the manufacturer

Disadvantages of booster bags from Bombastershop
·        The fabric jams only RF systems. For jamming RF and AM gates, professionals use jammers jammeramrf

Jammer 2 in 1
If you need to jam RF and AM gates, you should stop at jammers. Shoplifters use jammers jammeramrf. Be careful with scammers who say there is fabric that jams RF and AM fabric. Over the years, it has been found that there is no guarantee that one layer fabric can hold the AM system. The fabric from Bombastershop can also jam the AM system, but these are wild disproportionate risks, and you need to be sure of the manufacturer of the gate, which you have to jam. However, customer safety comes first, that is why Bombastershop recommends these bags only against RF systems. For reliable operation with AM and RF systems, jammers should be used. Detailed information with a description and videos can be found at
How to shoplift Booster bag
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