Tin Foil Bags Are Things of the Past

A tin foil bag is one of the most ancient tools for shoplifting. Today, such bags are not practical, as they have a number of disadvantages. The manufacturer of shoplifting devices Bombastershop offers its customers the best alternative to tin foil bags. The use of screening radio-frequency fabric allows you to disguise the thief's bag. In addition, this solution has many advantages over tin foil bags. For more details, read on.

Advantages and disadvantages of tin foil bags
Tin foil bag works with acoustic magnetic and radio frequency systems. If you want to sew such a booster bag yourself, of course, this is a relatively budget option. But this bag has more disadvantages. You have to control constantly the quality of your tin foil bag. The appearance of microcracks at an unexpected moment can be great harm to your plans. A tin foil bag is also problematic to use if you decide to take out hard objects. Such a bag must be constantly hidden from loved ones and relatives. If discovered, you will be immediately accused of stealing with specialized equipment.

Booster bags from Bombastershop
You can see the reviews on the manufacturer's website. In addition, it is important to provide a constructive assessment for the bag so that the new approach to shoplifting makes it easier for thieves. So let's start with the disadvantages. The booster bag will only jam the RF system. In some cases, this fabric fabric can also jam certain types of acoustomagnetic systems. But!! Manufacturers insist that the risk is not worth it. If you need to jam acoustomagnetic and radio frequency gates, use the jammers jammeramrf. The fabric will only work reliably with radio frequency systems.

Benefits of a booster bag from Bombastershop
1. The bag is made of fabric due to your preferences. You can choose any style and any size. You can also just buy fabric and sew it yourself.
2. No security service can visually distinguish this booster bag from an ordinary one. It does not have differences either tactilely or visually.
3. Manufacturers guarantee that in constant working use the bag made of screening fabric will last at least 2 years. How many tin foil bags do you need during two years?
4. There is no need to hide it from relatives. You can always have a bag or a backpack made of screening fabric with you.
5. The Bombastershop booster bag is invisible to metal detectors.
6. One layer of fabric is enough to ensure that the booster bag works reliably.
7. All instructions for the manufacture of fabric products are supplied from the manufacturer. You will not have any questions, as it is quite simple.

Jammer 2 in 1
I repeat that if you need to jam an acoustic-magnetic system, you should not choose a booster bag. The Bombastershop developers have invented a shoplifting device that has no analogues in the world. Forget about making a tin foil bag. Often scammers say there is a fabric that jams RF and AM systems. Over the years, it has been found that no fabric guaranteed in 1 layer can hold the AM system. If you need to jam RF and AM gates, you should stop at jammers. Professional shoplifters use jammers jammeramrf. Detailed information with a description and video can be found at
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