Booster Bag Scam

Thieves use a variety of devices to make their work easier. The choice of thieves' equipment depends on the goods that he or she intends to seize. Recently the spread of booster bag scam has become sensational. The peculiarity of the large booster bag is that it has a cut-out bottom. A person enters a public place with a similar bag. Then he puts the bag on someone's handbag or any other item, and the mechanism inside the bag grabs that item. Without further suspicion, the thief simply leaves since nothing happened. This type of theft is difficult to detect because the thief acts quickly and silently.

Using a booster bag in shoplifting
Besides booster bag scam with large bags, shoplifters tend to use shoplifting bags of the usual size. Thieves used to shoplift with bags sewing foil into ordinary bags in order to jam anti-theft tags. Today this method is gradually falling out of use as it has a number of disadvantages. You can read more about why professional shoplifters stopped using foil bags here booster-bag-aluminum. Instead, they use bags made of radiofrequency shielding fabric.

Benefits of using booster bags of RF fabric
The manufacturer Bombastershop produces reliable booster bags at affordable prices. You can order fabric and sew your own bag or order a backpack, a large bag for booster bag scam of any size and design from the manufacturers. The peculiarity of this bag is that the foil metal detectors do not see the fabric as it does not contain metals. Such a bag cannot be suspected of its purpose since it has no tactile and visual differences from an ordinary bag. It is enough to use just one layer of fabric to jam radio frequency tags. For more information on booster bags or place an order, go to black-rf-fabric-2017-without-metal.
Booster bag
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