Foil Bags Become Outdated

The developers of shoplifting equipment from Bombastershop do their best to improve their technology and take care of the shoplifter's safety. Unlike their competitors, the team always speaks openly about possible obstacles in this risky business. Today, the developers of the best shoplifting equipment will talk about the old method of shoplifting using a foil bag. This information was created based on many years of experience in shoplifting using a wide variety of equipment.

Disadvantages of foil bags
Very often you get micro cracks formed in foil bags, it is important to always pay attention to the quality. These bags wear out quite often. It is also necessary to use an additional bag, into which a foil bag packaging is put. If an employee stops you, the discovery of the foil bag is inevitable. In some countries, this fact will immediately lead to prosecution or aggravate penalties. In some stores, built-in systems of metal detectors, which cannot be detected visually, transmit information about the carrying of a foil bag directly to the guard's pager.

What to use instead of a foil bag?

·         Bags of RF fabric
The advantages of this material include the fact that metal detectors cannot see the fabric, as it does not contain metals. The staff cannot suspect you of carrying a shoplifting bag. From this fabric you can order to sew a backpack or bag of any size and style. Visually and even to the touch, it cannot be distinguished from an ordinary bag. It is also important to consider the durability of the special bag. It is possible to make fabric pockets for small or flat items. Such a bag can be carried with you at all times without arousing unnecessary suspicion from others. Bombastershop provides all the detailed instructions on how to make fabric bags if you want to make them your own. You can place an order and read more using the link fabric.

·         AM or RF jammer, or jammer 2in1
The best investment for a professional shoplifter is a jammer. This device offers a variety of in-store activities. Keeping a jammer with you, you can put goods anywhere: into a pocket, sleeve, plastic bag, etc. Please note that there are separate jammers for AM and RF systems. However, the best invention is the 2 in 1 universal jammer jammeramrf. The jammer is disguised and during any arrest or personal search they do not pay any attention to the jammer and put it aside without unnecessary suspicion. You can carry the jammer with you everywhere as it is in PowerBank disguise and does not cause any discomfort.
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