Magic Bags for Shoplifting

Many people know that it is easy to take goods out of the store hiding them either in clothes or in a bag. Thieves often use special bags in order to minimize the risks and not get caught by the guards on the hot. Magical bags for shoplifting are also called booster bags. They block the signal of the tag when it passes the anti-theft gate. This way, you don't waste time getting rid of the tag in the store. In this article, we will look at different types of bags and the specifics of their use.

Magic foil shoplifting bags are out of date
Shoplifters used to have a simple method to make theft bags. Foil was sewn into an ordinary bag, and such a magic bag for shoplifting easily blocked the signals of the anti-theft tag. One of the main disadvantages of such a hand-made is that in case of suspicion, the guard will immediately see that this bag is being used for theft. Using the shoplifting equipment will in no way help you to easily separate from the charges. However, this is not the only drawback. More reasons why professional shoplifters refused to use foil, you can read more here foil-outdated.

Magic fabric for shoplifting bags from Bombastershop
So, if foil is not the best option, what should you do then? Today you can use a kind of fabric specifically designed to shield RF anti-theft tags from RF gate technology. Pay attention, we are talking about radio frequency anti-theft systems. You can figure out how to determine the type of anti-theft systems using the following information faq-type-of-antitheft-system. The manufacturer of shoplifting equipment Bombastershop offers its customers to use a special fabric for sewing a magic bag for shoplifting. The fabric is soft and easy to sew. You can use this fabric for pockets, clutches, etc., on any surface. Learn more about black fabric here fabric2017.

Features of the use of shielding fabric
A special RF shielding fabric completely mutes the RF system. If the tag is completely immersed in the bag and does not stick out of the bag, you walk past the gate in silence. Even if you bring the bag close to the gate, the signal is blocked. Using the bad properly, you can use the fabric for years without losing its properties. The secret is that a non-standard spraying technique is used in the manufacture of the fabric. The manufacturer Bombastershop provides all detailed instructions for making bags and bags only to customers. How the magic bag for shoplifting works in practice, watch the video

Custom tailoring for a magic shoplifting bag
You can make your own magic bag; Bombastershop also offers the purchase of fabric only. You can also read the technical features of creating bags from this fabric on the official website and create a reliable assistant for your shoplifting. The best version of the Bombastershop product is a dedicated 8.2MHz RF shielding fabric. You can find it at fabric. Make sure you know the difference between RF and AM systems. This is extremely important!!! Without knowledge in this area, you shouldn't even think of shoplifting. Having doubts? Go here faq-type-of-antitheft-system/.

Using the magic bag for shoplifting at the airport
Many people may wonder whether it is possible to hide something from metal detectors in a magic bag for shoplifting, for example, at the airport. The answer is definitely not. Metal detector devices have different methods for detecting metals. Frame, hand-held and shop metal detectors have completely different specificity of signal absorption. Specialized metal detectors search for any number of conductive materials along the entire depth of their radius. When we talk about shop metal detectors, they look for changes in their own field between the metal detector gates in a certain amount. When we significantly underestimate the absorption /reflection ratio of a signal with tissues, we become invisible to metal detectors.

More possibilities with a 2-in-1 jammer
In case when you need to block the acoustic-magnetic system, it is worth choosing alternative equipment instead of the magic bag for shoplifting. The developers of Bombastershop offer a 2-in-1 jammer, which has no analogues. If you need to jam radio frequency and acoustic magnetic gates, you should think about jammers. Professional shoplifters use jammers jammeramrf. This device is disguised and will not arouse suspicion even with a very thorough search. To use this equipment, you have to have knowledge and be sure you are familiar with the differences between acoustomagnetic and radio frequency systems. For any questions regarding shoplifting, you can use the advice of the development team on the site.
How to shoplift Booster bag
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