Booster Bags: Effective Tools for Shoplifting

One of the most effective tools for shoplifting is a booster bag. In this article, we will provide you with the answers to such questions as what is a booster bag, where to buy booster bags and how to make booster bags.

A magic booster bag
Sometimes a booster bag is called magic. A magician hides a rabbit in the hat and you do the same with the stolen item. It is a hand-made bag used for shoplifting. It is most frequently used for stealing in retail stores, libraries and other locations with security detectors. Today the booster bag can be of different design and size. It used to be lined from the inside with aluminum foil. Shoplifting with magic booster bags is easy. You place an item inside and RF (in certain cases also AM) sensors will not be detected by security panels. If you remember your lessons of physics then you understand that this hidden place is a Faraday cage in effect.

Advantages of using booster bags
Shopping with a large shoulder bag is an ordinary activity and it usually does not attract attention. Although it is possible to use booster bags in any possible variation. Professional thieves more frequently use this tool and its convenience is in the following:
· It allows stealing several items in one visit
· A shoplifter takes necessary items without wasting his time on removing security tags or changing labels.
· You do not panic passing the gates as stolen objects will be blocked.

Buy at Bombastershop!
The Bombastershop company has worked over 10 years on the market. What you get choosing this producer is a guaranteedly high quality product. Follow the link bag-mini to buy a small booster bag. They can also make a bag of any size according to your requirements. On the site read a detailed description and watch a video to see the way a booster bag works. In the shop, you put the item in this bag and calmly pass through the RF anti-theft system. Without removing the sensor. BUT! Check the item on soft sticker sensors. If you find any, remove or damage them.

Make a booster bag yourself
You can sew a magic booster bag yourself. It is easier to make it using special fabric. Bombastershop recommends using the following fabric fabric2017 to shield RF anti-theft sensors from the gateway RF technology 8.2MHz. You can also read technical peculiarities of designing packages of this black fabric. A better version of Bombastershop’s production is special RF-impulses shielding fabric 8,2MHz. You will find it here fabric. Be sure that you know the difference between AM and RF systems. If not, browse the link faq-type-of-antitheft-system.

Foil and the Stone Age
If you are familiar with Bombastershop, you will understand that using foil in your booster bag is like using telegraphist’s services. It makes much more fun if you want to create an aluminum foil booster bag using the age-old method. But it is still possible. Buy two new shopping bags, a roll of tin foil, adhesive tape and don’t forget about scissors. And then – create! You will certainly find all the steps on the Internet, but we will omit it in our article. We prefer to move with the times and for now, the best solution is found. The solution of Bombastershop.
How to shoplift Booster bag
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