The Booster Bag Detector Doesn’t Work! Choose Proper Equipment!

You decided to take the necessary goods out of the store, but you doubt whether the booster bag detector spoils all the case. Your fears are not in vain, but not everything is so critical. If you choose a Bombastershop booster bag made from RF-shielding fabric, you have nothing to worry about. But in the case of handmade foil bags, I would advise taking sedatives in parallel.

Booster Bag Detection
One of the most significant disadvantages of the foil lined bag is that the built-in metal detectors, which cannot be visually seen, transmit information about the presence of a booster bag. If this is not enough for you, I will give you a few more examples. Foil bags wear out quickly and are difficult to use with hard objects. If the tag is too high to the top edge of the side of the bag, the alarm will be triggered. Moreover, such a bag must be constantly hidden from relatives. A professional thief would not take such a risk. Moreover, there is a modern alternative - booster bags from Bombastershop.

No booster bag detector for Bombastershop’s products!
In addition to positive feedback from regular customers about the use of this bag, it is worth giving a constructive assessment of this type of thieves' equipment. Let's start with the disadvantages. This bag will only jam RF systems. For jamming RF and AM gates, the pros use jammers jammeramrf. As for the benefits, you can order any size bag or backpack. You can also just buy a miracle fabric and sew the necessary bag or even just a pocket yourself. Visually, the booster bag does not differ from the usual one. Also, it cannot be distinguished by touch. Even in case of suspicion, no one will know that you are using thieves' equipment. In constant use at work, a bag from Bombastershop will serve you for at least 2 years. You can always carry it with you and not hide it from your relatives. And the most important thing is that the detectors do not see the booster bag.
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