The Best Shoplifting Bags from Bombastershop

The history of shoplifting bags goes deep into the past. People hid stolen objects in places invisible to others. We observe the development of new technologies; it is no longer possible to hide goods by simply putting them in an ordinary bag. The tag will give a signal to the anti-theft gate and all that remains is to run away from the store. If you manage to escape ... Not so long ago, we used homemade bags to steal, sewed with foil and thus blocked the signal of a tag. However, today the use of such bags has been replaced by screening fabric. Read on to know the benefits of using shoplifter’s bags Bombastershop.

A shoplifting bag or a booster bag
A shoplifting bag is often called ‘a booster bag’. The easiest way to use this bag is in retail stores. Today the shoplifting bag can be of any size and design. At your request, the Bombastershop team is ready to sew any kind of backpack, bag, clutch or even just a pocket made of RF screening fabric. The use of such a booster bag is very simple. You place the stolen goods inside and the RF sensors silently pass the security gate. For those who are more interested in this process, I advise you to read a little physics, namely about the Faraday cage.

What are the advantages of screening fabric?
The use of screening fabric has a number of advantages over the ancient foil method. You can study this issue in more detail at the link foil-outdated. Professional shoplifters have long ago abandoned the use of foil. In turn, Bombastershop shoplifting bags have a number of advantages. They allow you to steal multiple items in one go. You don't have to waste time removing tags or changing labels. It is important that even if the security service is suspicious, they will never be able to guess that this bag is a shoplifter's bag. The bag has no differences tactilely and visually.

How to order a shoplifting bag from Bombastershop?
Bombastershop has been on the market of shoplifting devices for over 10 years. This manufacturer produces only high-quality equipment. If you are interested in buying a shoplifting bag, follow the link bag-mini. If you need to sew a backpack or bag of any other shape, Bombastershop will fulfill your wishes. You can buy fabric and make your own shoplifting bag. It is important to look at the website for detailed descriptions and watch a video of how the shoplifting bag works. In the store, you put the stolen item in your bag and walk quietly past the radio frequency gate, while the tag remains on the item. Please note that if there are tags with a soft sticker on the item, they must be removed or damaged.

What about the acoustic magnetic system?
The manufacturer pays attention to the fact that a shoplifting bag only works for jamming radio frequency gates. If you need to jam both the radio frequency and acoustomagnetic systems, it is better to stop at purchasing a 2in1 jammer. This device is disguised as a charger and does not arouse unnecessary suspicion from the security service. The jammer works for both types of gates. There are no analogues. For more information on the Bombastershop Universal Jammer, visit jammeramrf.
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