Separador DLS fortknox para caja más segura

cost: $45

Used for special protective safer boxes FORTKNOX by MW Security.

These protective safers can only be opened with this special detacher, as the lock mechanism differs from Alpha S3 systems and many others.

It can open DLS locks (Double Locking System), which are mainly used in protective boxes, but there are also WRAP spiders and bottle tags with similar types of locks.

The protection system consists of two metal stops, which, pressing against a special detacher, make it possible to unlock the locking mechanism.
To unlock the mechanism: attach the detacher to the rectangular stop, then slide it to the side, if the movement does not occur, slightly move left-right, the lock will unlock and you will slide the stop. Watch the video.

+ FAQ open ALL Security safer BOX (magnet; pataco si2; DLS; Alpha):

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