Cheia detacherului Pataco Si2

Cost: 2500rub / $45

Compact Alpha S3 detacher puller is compatible with all types of Alpha Systems products from Checkpoint, carefully study the distinctive features in the photos.

Unlike the original one, there is no anti-theft sensor in my extractor, and the gate will not block your entrance to the store.

The most noticeable feature of a compatible mechanism is two shallow recesses for precise attachment of the puller to the locking mechanism.

Alpha Systems products are safes, special spider sensors, bottle sensors, sensors of type 2alarm and 3alarm (study the section on AM, RF systems, there is additional information).

In Russia, such sensors and protective boxes are not very common, but you will definitely meet them in some stores. Similar systems are widespread in Europe and America.

+ demonstration of opening all types of safes in one video (magnet; pataco si2; DLS; Alpha):
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