Shoplifting Convictions and Their Consequences

It is a mistake to think that a shoplifting conviction has no consequences. When you watch an adventure movie, it does not, but not in real life. Shoplifting can be a serious criminal offense, and charges of theft can have devastating consequences for the later life of the accused. If you are a US citizen, you face severe penalties depending on the degree of the crime. If you are not a citizen of the country, there is a possibility that you may even be deported for shoplifting.

Shoplifting convictions and possible penalties
A shoplifting conviction depends on the severity of the charge. Theft charges vary from state to state, but most states have penalties of up to one year in prison and a relatively small fine, often no more than $ 500. The exact sentence may depend on the class of the offense and the presence of a criminal record. Minors are often entitled to get lighter sentences than adults. In the case of minors, the main task is not to punish, but to "re-educate".

Lawyer’s assistance
Even a light sentence for shoplifting will lead to a criminal record if you can't get it off. Not all states have this option. Having a criminal record can make life difficult for you especially when you're trying to get a job, take a loan, or get some professional licenses. Being convicted of shoplifting, it is important to understand the potential consequences and seek help as soon as possible. An experienced criminal defense attorney will do whatever it takes to help you remove, reduce, or defer charges.

What could shoplifting convictions lead to?
·        A criminal record. Nobody needs this imprint in the biography.
·        A term in prison. Even for the first crime, you can get a term, especially if the object of theft has a high value.
·        The payment of fines and legal fees. The amounts are not funny.
·        The payment of restitution. If the court finds that the store suffers losses, you pay the full retail value of the stolen item.
·        The probation period. In addition, a complete ban on leaving the country is also possible.
·        The payment of civil fines. The store can take legal action in civil court. In addition to criminal penalties, you will also pay civil fines.
·        Loss of license. If you had a professional license, you risk losing it on charges of theft.
·        Deportation. If you are not a citizen of the country, there is a threat of being deported.
·        Additional penalties. The judge may impose additional penalties. For example, wearing an electronic control device for a specified period of time.

Cases of protection against charges of theft
There is a possibility that your case could be defended in court. Subsequent problems will play into your hands and can improve your condition of being convicted of shoplifting:
·        Store security personnel often make mistakes detaining suspects and filing charges. They are not police officers and often lack proper knowledge in the matter. They can make mistakes and mishandle evidence.
·        In many cases, the prosecutor will require the presence of a witness. Since court cases are a very lengthy process, private security personnel may change jobs. If the witness who saw you steal is not available, the prosecutor will not be able to prove the case. In the case of video record, the theft charges will remain and the consideration of case will continue as usual.
·        Stores sometimes claim their losses much higher than they actually are. If you prove in court that the claimed high loss is incorrect, your case may change from a criminal offense to a less serious one. If you simply plead guilty, you not only admit guilt, but also admit the amount of damage claimed by the store. Therefore, you should not rush to admit guilt. It is necessary only when your lawyer has tried all possible scenarios and approves the admission of guilt.

How to avoid being convicted of shoplifting?
The safest way is to abstain from these actions. But if you decided that the above does not scare you, we advise you to use professional equipment. Professional thieves rarely fall into the hands of security personnel. Mainly due to their experience, dexterity, and the use of shoplifting equipment, they can avoid the worst scenarios. You should not skimp on your safety and you should purchase the necessary devices only from reliable manufacturers. Bombastershop bombaster.shopoffers booster bags, jammers, pullers and other shoplifting devices of high quality and a long warranty. More information on the official website.
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