Can You Get Jail Time for Shoplifting?

A thief get shoplifting charges by stealing something from the store. When a person is arrested for this type of crime, he may face a trial. He will be formally charged with a crime that and be punished according to the laws of the country or state where the crime was committed. In many cases, sentences for first-time offenders are lenient and fines can also be small. However, a judge can sometimes impose a harsher sentence on a recidivist including shoplifting jail time.

What does shoplifting include?
Shoplifting in a store is referred to retail theft, but it is not just about taking an item out of the store. Shoplifting also includes changing tags, paying for goods for an incomplete price, manipulating coupons in clothing stores, and so on. Shopkeepers are hiring security staff to help reduce theft. Anti-theft systems and video cameras can often be seen in expensive stores. However, neither the equipment nor the security guard can stop a professional thief. Especially if he uses products from Bombastershop. We can say that there are standard tips to use to distinguish a shoplifter, but it is very difficult to catch a professional. Shoplifting jail time is not your problem is you have the necessary knowledge and equipment.

Jail time for first shoplifting
While jail time is theoretically possible for first-time shoplifting, such a penalty is rarely applied to shoplifters who steal for the first time. The offender is more likely to receive a fine, probation, or community service as punishment. There may be aggravating circumstances that can lead to shoplifting jail time for the first offense, but there are usually additional or heightened charges such as assault, burglary, robbery, etc. Repeat offenders end up in jail, sometimes for long periods. It is worth keeping in mind that while shoplifting sometimes is determined as a minor offense, it is still a crime. If you are found guilty, you will have a criminal record.

When is it possible to get jail time for shoplifting?
Laws regarding shoplifting differ not only in countries, but also in states. Generally, shoplifting means that a person is stealing something from a retail store. In most cases, the theft must be deliberate to be considered store theft. A person can steal almost any type of item from a store. In many countries, laws consider retail theft of less than a certain amount, for instance $ 500. If a person steals property worth more than $ 500, the perpetrator may be charged with another type of theft. Depending on the value of the stolen property, and if this is not the first offense, the offender could face jail time for shoplifting for weeks or months to several years and fines ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

How to avoid jail time for shoplifting?
In order to avoid jail time for shoplifting, you need to leave the store unnoticed. First, learn the specifics of electronic surveillance systems for goods and covert video surveillance systems. The theft alarm system warns of an attempt to unauthorized removal of an object. Video surveillance records the theft on a camera. Even if you are not caught stealing, you may be charged later if a record of the offense is exposed. Security experts say that using security cameras and anti-theft systems is the best way to protect goods from theft in stores.

Types of anti-theft systems and ways to break them
Before you go to steal, be sure that you’ve learned the theory perfectly well. There are three types of anti-theft systems. You can watch a detailed video explanation here or read it at faq-type-of-antitheft-system. In short, one of them is electromagnetic. Their production is on hold so you have less work to do. Pay attention to the radio frequency system. It works on the principle of analyzing its own field in order to identify the tag. The RF system is always installed on a two-post basis. Professional thieves use protective cloth or RF jammer for RF system such as rf-jammer. Another type of anti-theft systems is the acoustic-magnetic system. It works on the principle of the resonant response of the tag. For this system, you can use the jamming method using the acoustic magnetic jammer smart-AM-jammer. You can find more equipment and information on this topic in the public domain on the website or contact the developers directly.
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