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Boosterbag fabric

boosterbag fabric

Price: $85 - per linear meter

roll width: ~55cm

composition: without metals

very soft, silky feel

special fabric for shielding RF tags of compatible EAS gates of RadioFrequency Technology 8.2MHz

Information on the distinguishing features of AM and RF systems can be found at this link:

How to identify the type of antitheft system


Why do we need a new cloth when the old works fine?

1. I do not pile new cloth, the problem began to arise in megacities and some brand stores. Nickel began to react to some of the Metal Detectors + gradually appear MD that react to any metals size of 10 “tablet.

– If everything is stable and normal in your city and you do not notice problems, the old cloth will last you a long time, use it with pleasure.

– If in your city or in those places that you are interested in, something somewhere began to ring at the old cloth, start to think about replacing.