Stores Shoplifting Policy

Any retail store is likely to suffer from shoplifting. According to the survey by the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention one in eleven people in the United States is a thief. It is not possible to create some sort of criminal profile to prevent loss from shoplifting. Men and women, old and young, different religions and races are stealing in equal measure.

Shoplifting prevention rules
Since shoplifting is a common thing, retailers and staff must be prepared to deal with the situation when it happens. When drawing up rules for shoplifting, be sure to answer the following questions:
·        What is the purpose of the store: to bring the theft to justice or return the product?
·        Who is responsible for calling the police?
·        Does the store have shoplifting policy?
·        What is the minimum amount to prosecute?
·        What is shoplifting policy for thieves under 18 and over 65?

Is it necessary to have store shoplifting policies?
Many owners believe that law prescribes all the necessary information and this issue does not require consideration. However, the laws will operate on a general basis. Regarding issues that need to be resolved locally, you need to maintain a fair shoplifting policy in your own store. Large traders have a similar set of rules, but they are often confidential. If the thieves are not detained, rumors will spread very quickly and such a store can become a target. If the thieves know that the store is serious about theft and is ready to take the case to court, at least here novice shoplifters will avoid shoplifting.

How to stop a thief?
If a store employee sees someone picking up an item, the other employee should be aware about it. This will make it easier to monitor the suspect. As long as a person is on the territory of the store with goods, he cannot be accused of stealing. Often, employees make the mistake of approaching a suspect with accusations of theft. This should not be done, especially in an emotional or rude way. This way an employee can get himself into an unpleasant situation. It is possible to detain a thief in the case of an existing evidence of theft, or the employee saw what happened, or this offense was recorded by a surveillance camera.

Order in the store
Store design has a lot to do with shoplifting. Many stores suffer losses due to blind spots. This is the territory of the store, which employees simply cannot observe. Professional thieves say that almost every store has such zones. Sometimes it is enough to reduce the height of the shelving to improve the visibility in the store. Goods should not be cluttered on the shelves. The order and visibility of goods allow having better control of the situation. Cameras and signs of video surveillance in the store are also needed. They will help scare off a casual thief, but not a professional one.

State law
Store employees should be familiar with local and state shoplifting laws. Shop owners can contact the local police station for detailed information. Laws vary by location. However, most cases require one person to see the thief pick up the product, hide it, and leave the store. Only then will the store employee who witnessed the theft be able to arrest the thief. Situations are different, it can be a misunderstanding, and this person is not a thief, therefore it is precisely careful observation to the very end that is crucial.

Shoplifter detention
The employee has discovered the stolen goods and has the authority to arrest the perpetrator and charge him with theft. The accused has the right to obtain legal representation. If the store claims they have witnesses who observed the theft in the store, the defendant also has the right to question the suitability of that witness. The suspect can refuse to be detained and leave, but the store has the right to call the police or physically block the offender.

Use of shoplifting equipment
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