Shoplifting Stories from Bombastershop

 Every year the percentage of thefts only increases. We hear a variety of shoplifting stories and how merchants try to protect their businesses from loss. The main tool in the correct organization of shoplifting is the selection of special equipment. You will say that new technologies of anti-theft systems are very progressive. And we will answer that new technologies of shoplifting equipment do not stand still, but develop in parallel. As a result, the developers assure that most of the anti-theft systems can be bypassed by choosing the right equipment.

Evolution of the development of shoplifting equipment
You can find out more about the developers and products of the manufacturer Bombastershop at about. The company has been on the market since 2010; it openly shares its achievements. We represent the development of technologies in the field of shoplifting from a leading manufacturer. Therefore, Rome was not built in a day...

·        2010 – the developers create detacher # 1 for anti-theft tags.
·        2012-2013 - the team has selected the most optimal radio fabric for jamming tags of radio frequency and acoustic magnetic systems.
·        2014 - Bombastershop provides detacher # 2 that opens the reinforced tags including NeoTag tags.
·        2015 - the developers create detacher # 3 for the most powerful anti-theft tags, it can open all the sensors with magnetic locks.
·        2014-2015 - the team developed and perfected the Alpha S3, PATACO Si2 and DLS fortknox detachers.
·        2016 - the buyers get a detacher for Agon concept, it can open all types of Agon concept tags.
·        2017 - after two years of testing, the Bombastershop team selects the best-selling new shielding fabric that is free of all metals. This is a big breakthrough against radiofrequency systems and any type of metal detector.
·        2018 - the team developed new jamming techniques to defeat the Crosspoint acoustic magnetic system. The developers also completed the development of the best jammer ever for Checkpoint, Nedap and Gateway radiofrequency systems.
·        2019 - Bombastershop launches a reinforced version of the 2 in 1 jammer, which combines two types of jammers in one housing.
·        2020 - the team is working to improve their developments and will soon introduce new products to their customers.

Shoplifting story
We can talk for a long time about what kind of situations shoplifters can get into. Shoplifting stories take up a lot of news feed. However, the Bombastershop team is ready to share their shoplifting stories as well. Namely, those about which you will never hear. They are about successful professional shoplifters who work quietly. On the official website, you will read what customers write about their products and how easily they manage to take goods out of stores. The Bombastershop company began its existence in Russia. Today clients from Europe, America and Asia use the products of this manufacturer.

All about shoplifting
If you have not thought about the equipment, and have not planned to go "serious", we still recommend you to visit The site contains a lot of useful information about shoplifting. Usually, in this topic, developers do not prefer to share materials. However, the Bombastershop team has nothing to hide. The history of development, battles with competitors, and security guarantees are on the site. The educational part of this case is also important. The site offers a lot of videos about the real use of shoplifting equipment, as well as detailed textual descriptions of the most important aspects of shoplifting.
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