Missouri Shoplifting Laws

If you are caught or charged with shoplifting, you need to make every effort to protect your rights. In both cases, it is advisable to seek the help of a criminal lawyer to review the charge. State laws vary widely. Shoplifting laws in Missouri will also require detailed study. The penalty is set depending on the value of the stolen item.

What is shoplifting in Missouri?
Shoplifting is the misappropriation of property or services of another person without his consent, by deception or coercion. In the case of several stolen items, the amount of losses is combined and the penalties will only increase accordingly. Shoplifting in Missouri will also include the following: paying for property with a fake check, refusing to pay for property or services, for instance, in hotels or restaurants, deleting or changing the price tag in order to pay a lower amount.

Shoplifting classification and penalty for shoplifting in Missouri
Under Missouri shoplifting laws, a misdemeanor will carry penalties ranging from 1 day to 1 year in prison and a fine of up to $ 1,000.
·        Shoplifting is a Class C felony if the property or service is worth more than $ 500 but less than $ 25,000.
·        If the item is valued at more than $ 25,000, the perpetrator will be charged with a Class B felony.
·        If on a repeat violation the stolen item is valued at more than $ 3000, it will be a Class B felony.
·        If an item is valued at less than $ 500, it will be a Class A offense under Missouri shoplifting laws.
A criminal offense carries a penalty of 1 to 7 years in prison and a fine of up to $ 5,000. Any third offense involving a charge of theft is at least a Class D felony.

Civil fines
In addition to criminal penalties, if you are accused of shoplifting in Missouri, you are civilly liable to the store owner. Civil fines include the following:
·        full retail value of the stolen goods
·        any proven incidental expenses of the store owner up to $ 100
·        a fine paid to the store owner in the amount of at least $ 100 and no more than $ 250
·        legal fees paid the store owner.

Admission of guilt
We tend to think that if we repent it will help us mitigate our punishment. However, in the laws, everything has a slightly different turn. Before pleading guilty, you must be sure that this is the last option on the list of all proposed by the lawyer. If you plead guilty to shoplifting in Missouri, your criminal record will be permanently imprinted on your bio. You will not be able to get it removed. A theft conviction can cause troubles at finding a job, getting a loan, or going to college or graduate school.

If you are caught with shoplifting equipment
Situations vary. Let's analyze a scenario in which shoplifting equipment was found during a personal search. Obviously, the situation will not be mitigated. How can you prevent this? If you use high-quality equipment, most likely, you will not be “invited” to a search. For example, a bag or a rucksack sewn from a special fabric will not arouse any suspicions fabric. If you are looking for a bigger win, take a jammer with you jammeramrf, which is safely disguised as a power bank. What are the chances to be caught with that kind of equipment?

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