The Best Ways of Stopping Shoplifters

Small businesses and large retailers lose a percentage of their income every year due to the shoplifting problem. The question of ways of stopping a shoplifter store can only be partially closed. Today professional thieves use professional shoplifting equipment, which helps to complete the business quietly and calmly. There are a number of actions that can help shop assistants recognize and stop a shoplifter, but we will tell you how to get out of the store and not leave a trace behind.

Anti-theft methods
·        If an employee noticed a suspicious type in the store, he should take a closer look. The shopper's nervous behavior very often betrays the novice shoplifter. Sometimes they can enter the store in large groups, the task of some is to distract the store employee, the task of others is to steal the goods. Employees often use a technique with a suspicious shoplifter, the sense of which is to assist the client with a choice of goods. It will be possible to stop a fearful thief, but not pros.
·        You can often see security mirrors in the store. CCTV camera systems cost a lot, and mirrors are much cheaper to install. In this way, employees can control parts of the store. However, if you walk around the store thoroughly, you can find some blind spots, even with video cameras. Often, the lower shelves are out of sight.
·        Stores notify their customers of the consequences of theft by using a variety of stickers. Yes, it can help in stopping a shoplifter learning in school, but an adult will not pay attention to such a "signal". You can also see stickers with signs of using video cameras or, as psychologists say, "looking eyes" stickers are most effective. Often all supervision is limited to these stickers. It is worth inspecting the room more closely and make sure whether there is video surveillance there or not.
·        The use of anti-theft systems is the most reliable way to protect goods in a store. Expensive things should be equipped with safety devices. Owners place appropriate security devices upon entering and exiting the store. If an item passes through this verification system and has a security tag on it, an alarm will be triggered. This equipment is expensive to install, but the most efficient. But even the presence of anti-theft equipment will not help in any way to stop a shoplifter if he uses Bombastershop equipment.

Anti-theft gates
It will not be possible to stop a shoplifter if he knows all the necessary theory about anti-theft systems and uses high-quality shoplifting equipment. There are three different types of anti-theft gates. Acoustic gates from manufacturers Gateway, CrossPoint, WorldGlobal, Amersec, Catalyst, MTC, Sensormatic. RF Gateway from CheckPoint, Crosspoint, Gateway. Finally, electromagnetic gates from CheckPoint, Sensormatic. Now only bookstores and libraries are acquiring the latest systems, so turn your attention to the differences between radio frequency and acoustomagnetic ones. Pay attention to bars. Radiofrequency mainly have 2-3 bars, evenly distributed along the height. Acoustomagnetic always have only 2 or 1, but a wider bar and they are closer to the middle of the antenna height. Read more here how-to-identify-the-type-of-antitheft.

The best device universal jammer 2-in-1
The manufacturer Bombastershop has been working on improving the technology of shoplifting devices for over 10 years. Visit the official website and be sure to watch shoplifting tutorials. You will make sure that employees can’t stop a shoplifter if he is using equipment from this manufacturer. Today the best solution for professional thieves is the jammer AM / RF "2in1" 2020. It is compatible with AM and RF systems. You get it disguised in the case of a device similar to a charger. The universal jammer has 2 factory buttons for controlling RF and AM jammers. The charger also retains the function of charging other devices, so there is no cause for concern in the event of a body search.

What are the features of the jammer operation?
The Bombastershop developers installed both jammers inside one body. Each of the jammers has separate controls. The jammers are not connected to each other inside. Common to both is only the power source. When buying a jammer jammeramrf you will receive a training video on how to use the device. It is important to understand that you need to learn how to activate only the jammer you need, AM or RF. The rules for unlocking and blocking the jammer are attached to the instructions when purchasing this device.

How to stop a shoplifter with a booster bag?
If you are not yet ready to spend money on expensive goods, pay attention to a special radio frequency screening fabric. When buying fabric, you will receive detailed instructions and information on the manufacture of bags. You can order a bag of any style and size from the manufacturer. What is the best way of stopping a shoplifter with a Bombastershop booster bag? No way! Even if you are caught stealing, the bag is neither tactile nor visually different from a regular accessory. This is important, since in the presence of shoplifting equipment, the circumstances are only aggravated. And don't even think about the tinfoil bag!
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