Shoplifting Rules

Every year, store owners lose large sums of money due to constant theft. And we do not stop working to ensure that the names of our clients do not get into police reports. A professional shoplifter will not risk his safety and will calculate all the scenarios in order to get a positive exit. Read on to find out what rules of shoplifting professional thieves use.

Knowledge is power!
If you are going to take out something from the store, of course, if it is a pack of chips, then you don't need to plan anything special. If your trip is more serious, you should learn a little more. Today there are a large number of anti-theft systems. If you are going to jam the sensors with a screening cloth or jammers, you need to determine the type of anti-theft gate. Today EM gates can no longer be found, since the production of these systems stopped several years ago. But you will have to study the RF and AM systems in more detail. More information here faq-type-of-antitheft-system.

The main features of magnetic pullers
If you have chosen a magnetic puller for work, you should think about a place to carry it. The ideal place would be some metal piece on your clothes. Thus, the puller will be rigidly fixed and will not be magnetized to other objects. Pullers should be worn with the strong side to the side of the body to avoid magnetizing to surrounding objects. The best place for the magnetic puller is in the belt buckle on the inside. Shoplifting rules also imply worse scenarios, so even in the event of an unforeseen personal search, your puller will remain in a secret place. To select a suitable puller, follow the link

Can I use a foil bag?
Professional shoplifters have long abandoned this idea. Today you can purchase RF shielding fabric. The shoplifting rules imply safety even when asked for a security check. Finding foil in your bag will do nothing good. In addition, foil has other disadvantages, more details here foil-outdated. As for the specialized fabric, you can buy the fabric itself or order a ready-made bag or rucksack from it. The fabric is not visible to metal detectors, visually and tactilely it cannot be distinguished from ordinary fabric, and, importantly, the duration of usage for this fabric is much longer than using foil. More details on the link fabric.

What is better to choose: a jammer, a puller or fabric?
In order to choose what is right for you, you should compare the activities when choosing a thief device. One of the rules of shoplifting is to do their job quietly and quickly. So, you choose a puller. You need to select the item, take it to a place free from cameras and employees’ glances, remove a tag, find all hidden marks, get rid of the tags and marks. Not a bad set of actions. At each stage of these actions, you can attract extra attention to yourself. In the worst case, you are asked for a personal search and a puller might be found. Now let's look at using a jammer and a booster bag. The jammer is disguised in a power bank, and the fabric is sewn into the back cloth of your bag. The shoplifter's only task is to carefully pack the necessary goods and leave the store.

Universal jammer 2 in 1
The 2-in-1 universal jammer is the best device for the professional shoplifter. This device has the greatest advantages, but the price for it is corresponding. It is important to understand that this jammer works for both acoustic magnetic and radiofrequency systems jammeramrf. You won't be able to find a similar device by competitors. This equipment is disguised in a power bank. You can take it anywhere and use it as a power bank without arousing any suspicion. Shoplifting rules involve a lot of caution. If you plan to take it with you on an air trip, take it in your hand luggage. Before practical use of this device, be sure that you have studied the specifics of the operation of this jammer (it is given with the purchase) and you certainly know the difference between radio frequency and acoustic magnetic systems.

What are the guarantees for the operation of thieves' equipment?
Bombastershop developers have been on the market for over 10 years. Users have known this manufacturer for a long time and follow the device updates. Every year, technologies are developing and the equipment is becoming more and more qualified. Bombastershop understands the importance of an equipment warranty for shoplifters. The warranty period for jammers is 1 year, for pullers - 6 months. When purchasing devices, the buyer will receive additional instructions for use. Most of the information is contained on the official website of the manufacturer On the videos you can see the work of the thieves' equipment and learn all the nuances of work.
How to shoplift
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