Professional Shoplifters and Their Equipment

Theft is a fairly ancient profession and it is unlikely that humanity will ever be able to get rid of it. Shoplifters fall into two categories: amateurs and professional shoplifters. Both groups carry out theft in retail stores. An important factor in such a crime is the use of professional shoplifting equipment. On the other hand, if it is found at the thief, the shoplifter will face more serious punishments.

Professional shoplifters and amateurs
An amateur thief is indistinguishable from an ordinary client. Their theft can happen both intentionally and suddenly. People who are acutely addicted to products can also be included in this category. They often behave clumsily and erratically. For security personnel, this category of thieves is usually easier to spot and smoke out. In turn, pro shoplifters work carefully and prudently. They focus on high-demand items and re-saleable items. They have necessary skills, dexterity, and a professional shoplifter is not easy to catch.

Motivation for shoplifting
Thieves commit thefts depending on their needs. This can be a feeling of extreme, a desire for more prestigious things, psychological problems, or a constant source of income. On average, a professional shoplifter commits at least one theft per week. His goal is to get the necessary product, often previously ordered by the buyer, and sell it successfully. There are few pro shoplifters compared to casual thieves and amateurs. But their "catch" significantly exceeds the percentage of total store losses from shoplifting.

Professionals recommend Bombastershop!
Many of us have had experience with theft at some point. Whether it is a bun in the school cafeteria or favorite stickers from the store. In adolescence, young people can get involved in hand-made and make booster bags stitching foil to the grocery bag. But when we talk about professional removal of goods, you need to take into account only professional equipment. Today on the market of shoplifting devices there is a huge number of products from different manufacturers including a huge percentage of Chinese products. We advise you to buy only reliable equipment for professional shoplifters. One of the best manufacturers today is Bombastershop with the official website

Professional shoplifting
We will not talk about the behavioral skills and dexterity that a professional shoplifter needs, as this is understood. In case of excessive nervousness or uncertainty, the thief will actually burn out regardless of whether he has, for example, a jammer or not. If you have decided on such an adventurous business, you must be fully aware of what you are going for. The equipment will only make your task easier. Professional shoplifting in most cases works with professional equipment. Decide what exactly you need to steal and what equipment will best suit your needs.

1) Booster bags with shielding fabric
fabric - jams RF sensors completely. The tag should be immersed in the bag and not stick out. You can even bring it direct to the gate and walk calmly. If the bag is made correctly, the fabric will last for years without losing its properties. This is achieved by using a non-standard spraying technique. You can either purchase the fabric or order a custom-made bag from the manufacturer. All detailed instructions and information on the manufacture of bags are provided only to customers. One layer of metallized fabric is guaranteed to jam the tags of radio frequency systems.

2) Magnetic detachers
detacher3 - the best detacher for professional shoplifters. The tool went through its last update in early 2019. Previous versions are also available at a more affordable price. But the latest version of the detacher has several advantages. Unlike previous versions, it can open DuralTag, NeOTAG, Sensormatic InFuzion tags and, of course, all tags with magnetic locks. The detacher has a compact size 44mm*27mm, weighs 330g that makes it easy to hide in clothes in the event of a search. The magnetic force of the puller is 20000gs.

3) Jammers
jammeramrf - 2 in 1 jammer from Bombastershop. The best gift for a pro shoplifter! It covers acoustomagnetic and radio frequency systems. It has a disguise in the form of a power bank which allows you to take it with you even on air travel. This device has no analogues. It has been tested in all western European countries, as well as Russia, Canada, and the USA. The current version of the jammer has been produced since August 2020. If you decide to purchase such a device, you should understand anti-theft systems and the specifics of working with different tags. Video reviews and detailed information about the equipment can be found on the website

A professional shoplifter always knows what is dear to him. No, this is not a new iPad, successfully taken out of the yet another store. This is his safety. You can only rely on yourself. Therefore, the devices must be chosen the same. As for yourself. That is, the best ones! Bombastershop has been on the market since 2010 and has managed to establish itself as a reliable and high-quality manufacturer of shoplifting equipment. More information about reliability guarantees can be found here Always be confident in your business and good luck!
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