Safeway Shoplifting Policy

American Safeway supermarkets have been working for over a hundred years. For such a long time, the company has made huge amounts of money. However, shoplifters manage to reduce the income of the owners. For example, in 2011 the police arrested a couple of thieves. They managed to take out of the Safeway stores goods worth about $ 5 million for which the criminals were actually punished. The chain of stores has its own Safeway shoplifting policy, but it will never be possible to catch everyone.

Safety is a key factor
For any retail store, the safety of employees, customers and even thieves is the most important concern. The Safeway supermarket chain is no exception. In the case of even suspected thieves, the security policy is very restrained. Stores use industry best practices to protect their merchandise. These include locking caps on alcoholic beverage bottles, Safeway ID stickers on high-value general goods, and the like. However, they are often the subject of theft. The company hires a special patrol in the store who regularly checks the parking lot.

Privacy of Safeway shoplifting policy
Many of us are aware of the relative seriousness of Safeway's attitude towards theft according to the news feeds. The company cannot share the specifics of their practice of preventing theft and detention in public places, but the company has policies and procedures to prevent and solve the issue when it occurs in their stores. Naturally, Safeway employees also cooperate with law enforcement in cases of criminal prosecution.

Responsibility of employees for loss prevention
As mentioned in this article, the main focus of Safeway shoplifting policy is to keep the suspects safe. This policy speaks of arresting thieves without being chased or touched. Moreover, only a loss prevention officer can detain a suspect. There are cases when conscientious employees have tried to prevent thieves from completing their deals. In the event of a wrong attitude towards the suspect, they risk to get fired from their job.

Too expensive price for two sandwiches
The story of two sandwiches and a pregnant woman made a big splash about Safeway shoplifting policy. The pregnant woman, her husband and little daughter ordered two sandwiches. The woman ate one while shopping. As a result, she and her husband were handcuffed and accused of theft. The couple spent several hours at the police station, while their daughter was under the supervision of the child protection service. Such an act from the store employees drew a lot of criticism. Ultimately, Safeway reconsidered its charges, apologized and decided not to pursue the case.

"We usually do nothing"
The following examples of security personnel may seem quite contrasting. When a petty theft is committed in a store, the employee often "looks the opposite direction." When asked about the detention of a criminal, the employees answer that this is just a misconduct. That is, if the amount is up to $ 1000, you should not take complicated actions. It is not in the shop rules to pursue a thief even if the items are valuable. Do you remember the main rule of the store? One should rely on law enforcement for the safety of employees and customers.

Use of shoplifting equipment
Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that shoplifters are ready to go for more valuable goods in Safeway. With such a shoplifting policy, one can easily succumb to temptation. Anyway, if you are going to go big, you’d better prepare. No one can foresee what may await you today. Getting arrested for a sandwich or keeping a guard calm when you take out their goods. Today the best manufacturer of shoplifting equipment is Bombastershop. On the official website you can find all the necessary information on this topic. The company has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of quality goods.
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