Ohio Shoplifting Laws

Every day shopkeepers suffer considerable losses due to theft in shops. Each state has its own specifications and often theft laws differ. Shoplifting laws in Ohio are worth considering if you're planning an illegal shopping trip. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features of Ohio shoplifting laws, their classification and punishment for offenses, and specifics of civil obligations. In addition, we’ll provide some useful information about shoplifting devices and their efficiency.

Definition of shoplifting
According to Ohio shoplifting laws, theft is committed by the unauthorized seizure of property. The offender is charged with shoplifting if he acts with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property. Criminal laws of the state prohibit "knowingly obtaining" or "exercising control" over someone else's property or services without the consent of the owner, by deception, threat, or intimidation.

Classification of crimes and penalties by shoplifting laws in Ohio
As with most states, Ohio classifies thefts based on the value of the stolen property or service.
·        Misdemeanor. The lowest level of theft charge is petty theft. This is first degree theft if the value of the stolen property or service is less than $ 1,000. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you face up to 180 days in prison, a fine of up to $ 1,000, or both.
·        Felony of the fifth degree theft. You will be able to receive this sentence if the cost of the stolen property or services is more than $ 1000, but less than $ 7500. The punishment for a fifth degree felony in Ohio includes a prison sentence of six to 12 months and a fine of up to $ 2,500.
·        Felony of the fourth degree or grand theft in. When we talk about shoplifting, we often mind small “journeys” to the store. However, if the offender takes out of the store property worth more than $ 7,500, but less than $ 150,000, which is very possible, then it will be a major theft, a crime of the fourth degree. Under the shoplifting laws in Ohio, the penalty for this crime is a prison term of six to 18 months and a fine of up to $ 5,000.

Civil theft fines in Ohio
The suffering of a caught criminal is not limited to criminal penalties. The accused may also be civilly liable to the property owner for financial damage. Reimbursement includes the monetary or retail value of stolen property, other compensatory damages, liquidated damages (at least $ 200), and reasonable administrative expenses associated with filing a civil action.

How to avoid punishment for shoplifting?
Petty theft often goes unpunished, but if the store security does its job in good faith, you can get in trouble even for stealing a cheap item. If you go big, it's not worth having the risk. Before committing a crime, you have to be prepared. Don't use shoplifter’s tricks from the movie for real life. There are quite serious penalties for such games. Therefore, first, you need to gain knowledge. Knowledge of anti-theft systems, their differences and specifics of work will help you choose the necessary equipment. With the help of shoplifting equipment, you will make your task much easier.

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