Shoplifting in the UK

Shoplifting is an intentional withdrawal of goods from stores without paying for them. If you are caught shoplifting in the UK, you will be charged under section 1 of the Theft Act 1986. If stolen goods are worth less than £ 200, you will be charged with petty theft under section 176 of the Anti-Social Behavious, Crime and Policing Act.

Reasons of shoplifting in the UK
There are a number of different reasons for people to steal. One of them is the lack of money. Shoplifters in the UK are often tempted, as they cannot afford the items in the store. A group of professional shoplifters has quite different intentions. Stealing is actually their profession. They hunt for expensive goods with the aim of further resale. Professionals often use shoplifting equipment, for example, from the manufacturer Bombastershop. Thus, their chances of getting caught are minimized. A relatively small percentage of shoplifters in the UK are people with psychological problems, kleptomaniacs, and drug addicts.

Punishment shoplifting in the UK
If you are caught shopliftign in the UK, the consequences can be short-term or long-term. In any case, the degree of punishment for shoplifters in the UK depends on the value of the stolen goods. If you are convicted of theft in court, you may be fined or imprisoned, or both. The imprisonment can last up to six months if the item is worth less than £ 200, or a maximum of seven years if the item is worth more than £ 200. A conviction for shoplifting in the UK means that you will have a criminal record. You may be asked to agree to a warning from the police to avoid a legal investigation. However, this consent will also be considered a conviction.

How to avoid punishment for shoplifting in the UK
If you decide to go shoplifting in the UK, it is worth considering all the details. It is important to leave the store without any suspicion and, of course, without triggering an alarm. Professional shoplifters use quality shoplifting equipment. In most cases, this will ensure a positive outcome of the situation. The best helpers for shoplifters in the UK are jammers, booster bags, and pullers. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, you need to learn how different anti-theft systems work. More information on this topic you can find in the link of the official Bombastershop website faq-type-of-antitheft-system.

Bombastershop’s guarantees
Bombastershop manufacturers of shoplifting equipment have extensive experience in this field of activity. The development team regularly tests the equipment and improves it annually to ensure the safety of its customers. A lot of information is available in the public domain posted on the team's website with instructions and video reviews It's actually not that difficult as it might seem at the beginning, but it takes time to learn and practice. You can find out more about the operation of pullers here For those who prefer lighter options, we advise to use a booster bag. It jams RF tags. You can sew a bag of any style and size from the shielding RF fabric. On the Bombastershop website, you can purchase either fabric or a ready-made bag fabric. For professionals, jammers are the best solution. This device has the greatest advantages over other types of shoplifting equipment. Bombastershop introduces 2-in-1 universal jammer for AM and RF systems jammeramrf. There are no analogues of this device!
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