The Shoplifting Guide

The media often condemn the problem of shoplifting and every day shop owners suffer considerable losses because of this type of theft. We will not raise the moral and ethical issues of this case, since this is a choice made a single person. In this article, we will offer a kind of a shoplifting guide for those who have already decided or who are planning such a trip to the store. An important factor for a successful visit is the choice of shoplifting equipment. The best manufacturer of shoplifting devices today is Bombastershop ( For more information, read further in this article.

The main rules of for shoplifter’s guide
There are many details to consider for a positive exit with a catch from the store. It is always worth considering the risks in your individual case and situation. It is often impossible to foresee absolutely everything. It happens that the average conscientious buyer can break a well-planned theft. However, a guide to shoplifting will help you control the situation to some extent.
·        Do not go to steal in the store where you often shop. The best solution is to drive off, because today there are so many shops that there will be no problem with this.
·        If you are a beginner shoplifter, try to start from a store without CCTV and anti-theft equipment. For you, this will be the safest way. Often in stores, you see stickers with a warning about video surveillance. In fact, many stores cannot afford this "luxury", but can buy stickers. Check everything carefully and act.
·        Try to be calm and act as if you are about to buy a product. Take a look around, check the price tags, turn around the item in your hands. Behave naturally. Nervous behavior will definitely attract attention.
·        In the case when shoplifters managed to steal without unnecessary problems, they start to steal more impulsively. You should do that. You have to decide for what exactly you are going to this store, and exclude options for impulsive behavior and choice of items. Set aside for next time.
·        If you notice that you are being watched, it is better to have a break. Leave the item on any shelf you come across. It's not worth the risk. An action is considered theft when you are already outside the store with a stolen item. If you just leave the item, even if the employee suspects that you have it, put it on the shelf and leave. Next time it might work. But this time, you should not risk it.
·        Be sure you have money with you. If you are accused of theft and they find that you have visited a store with no intention of shopping, it will be more complicated to avoid difficulties.
·        You left the store and found an employee following you. It's time to remember Forrest Gump and run as fast as you can. If you were planning to steal with a friend, and he is waiting for you in the car, you need to run as quickly as possible. Make sure the license plate is hidden.
·        Be careful not to injure others when fleeing. If you even accidentally hit an employee or a common store visitor, in case of accusations they will not feel sorry for you. And you will be judged in full and from above.

Using shoplifting equipment
Most professional thieves use special shoplifting equipment to commit theft. Yes, this solution is not for amateurs. It is also unlikely that a novice shoplifter will attach any importance to this type of equipment. However, this is primarily a matter of security and the cost of the stolen item itself. If you are going to take out regularly three apples from the grocery store, then reading on is certainly not worth it. The use of thieves' equipment makes it possible to take out most of the items that they are ready to offer you in the store for money today.

Which manufacturer should I choose?
The development of anti-theft systems technologies has reached a high level; however, there is an antidote for them too. The manufacturers of shoplifting equipment take into account the changes and make improvements in their technologies in parallel. If earlier thieves took foil and were engaged in hand-made, today this method is simply not needed by anyone. There is RF screening fabric that won't be as hassle as old-fashioned foil. The same thing with massive jammers and the like. The market is filled with manufacturers and the undoubted leader China is ready to sell you devices for a lower price. Is it worth the risk in this case?

Experience and guarantees from Bombastershop
The shoplifting equipment manufacturer Bombastershop has been in the industry for over 10 years. It is important to consider the fact that this is not just a manufacturer working at the machine. This is a team of developers who are constantly implementing and testing these devices themselves. In addition to text and video instructions presented on the official website, they have vast experience in real testing. Therefore, in the event of new anti-theft systems, or equipment that you cannot identify, just ask the Bombastershop team. They are always online and ready to share their experiences. Each equipment has a guarantee of use. Numerous reviews will confirm the quality of the equipment from this manufacturer.

A guide to shoplifting with equipment from Bombastershop
·        Jammers. Using a 2 in 1 jammer will make the task easier for any shoplifter. However, this device is designed for those who already understand the anti-theft systems and have some experience in this area. The strength of the device is that it blocks both the acoustic-magnetic and radio frequency systems. The presence of a disguise in the form of a charger helps to avoid problems even if detected. None of the employees will be able to suspect what exactly is in charge. By the way, you can also use it as a charger.

·        Booster bags with shielding fabric. Forget about using foil. This jams RF sensors completely. Put it in your bag so it doesn't stick out. Even if you bring the bag to the gate itself, there will be silence in response. If used correctly, you will use one bag for at least 2 years of constant use. You can sew the bag yourself or order it from the manufacturer according to your size and design. If you are purchasing fabric, Bombastershop provides all the detailed instructions for making bags. One layer of metallized fabric is guaranteed to jam the sensors of radio frequency systems. For acoustic-magnetic systems, choose a different method.

·        Magnetic pullers. The best puller for professional shoplifters - Several versions can be found on the site, as the developments are improving every year. However, the latest version of the puller has more advantages. It can open DuralTag, NeOTAG, Sensormatic and InFuzion sensors. Of course, all sensors with magnetic locks as well. The puller has a compact size 44mm * 27mm and a weight of 330g. In a critical case, it won't be difficult to hide it somewhere in your clothes.
How to shoplift
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