How to Disable Magnetic Locks

Nowadays we often use magnetic locks in industrial and commercial applications. These are simple locking devices consisting of an electromagnet and an armature plate. It is used as an actuator for door control systems. The armature plate is attached to the door and the electromagnet – to the door frame. What happens is that a current passing thought the electromagnet attracts the armature plate. This way it holds the door closed.

Magnetic locks in emergency doors
A magnetic lock requires power supply to remain locked. Because of this, it is not suitable for high security applications, as a lock can be easily disabled when you disrupt the power. However, they implemented higher security applications with the help of adding a magnetic bond sensor and providing power supply with a batter backup capability. For emergency exit doors with fire alarm applications, magnetic locks are widely used. They are less likely to fail in comparison with other electric types. Electric strikes and magnetic locks greatly differ in their features.

Removing magnetic locks
When we talk about shoplifting, we deal with different types of locking mechanisms. For instance, clothing tags consist of three key elements: the tag, the pin and the locking mechanism. The locking mechanism can be magnetic and mechanical, and the first ones are more frequently used. The stronger the magnetic lock, the harder it is for a shoplifter to remove it. However, there is a solution for removing tags with high strength. The solution is found by the Bombastershop company. 

Magnetic locking system in tags
The magnetic tag has an attachment element to secure the item to the tag. A clam fixes the attached element to the item so that it can’t be separated from the tag. There is one or more magnets in a keyed magnetic element. When you apply magnetic force to the magnets, the locking region gets away from the attachment. This action allows you to remove the item from the tag. Magnetic force is a key in this issue. Bombastershop offers its customers removers with magnetic force of 12,000Gs, 16,000Gs, and 20,000Gs.

Bombastershop disables magnetic locking
·        detacher12000Gs - the cheapest offer from the shop. What you get is guaranteed power of 12,000 Gs. It removes all kinds of standard sensors with a reinforced locking mechanism. The removers are made of the best magnetic materials designed due to the individual order. More than a thousand of items are already sold and have positive reviews.
·        detacher2 -another variation from Bombastershop with the power of 16,000Gs. Thanks to its special configuration, it can open NEOTAG tags. The set also includes a magnetic ring. It allows you to open NEOTAG sensors easily. On the official website of Bombastershop watch YouTube videos with the detailed description before utilization.
·        detacher3 - the best offer for you. The remover has magnet force of 20,000Gs to open magnetic locking systems of different types. Comparing to the first two items, you get additional advantages. It opens DuralTag and round matte tags, NEOTAG and Sensormatic InFuzion tags. Plastic tags are included in the set. They help to act faster in the shop.

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