How to Remove Magnetic Security Tag

The security signal is the very damn thing that makes you shiver at the gates. To avoid it you need to remove a magnetic security tag and leave the shop easily. It takes a shop assistant only a second to deactivate the signal. Magnetic security tag removal is done with a highly powered magnet that neutralizes the signal. You hear a beep sound proving the deactivation of the tag. That is, a shop assistance removed a magnetic tag successfully. Do you want to do the same but without beeping?

Different types of magnetic security tags
It is essential to be aware of different magnetic security tags before you start shoplifting. Today they are in a variety of different forms, dimensions, and layouts. Some of them are huge and dome designed, others are very discreet so you can hardly notice them. Security tags may be stickers, dome labels, hot stamp holograms and metal labels. Quite a specific type of magnetic clothes tags is ink tags, which are designed by the use of patented technology.

Magnetic tag removal
You may be aware of several ways how to remove magnetic security tags. However, the safest and easiest method is to use custom-made magnet tag removers and detachers. No-brainer that you need to purchase it. But you are not going to pay for other things instead! Our team recommends using only proven items and refrain from buying Chinese detachers. This is not the case to save a couple of dollars and then have a couple of sleepless nights. In a holding cell.

Choose a proper magnetic remover
The Bombaster team has been on the market since 2010. The mini magnetic remover is the result of implementation of the best technologies and long practice. On the official website you will find all the necessary products for your brave operations. Concerning devices to remove magnetic security tags, there are several items with different magnetic force. Prior to making a choice, we do recommend learning all the text descriptions and videos provided on the site.  

Set the tag on fire?
You might say that you did not have intentions to start shoplifting with ‘investments into equipment’. All right, there are other options to follow. A magnetic security tag remover is not the only way. So, take a lighter or a burner and set the tag in fire. Be careful to take the particular part of the tag resembling a dome. Then tinker with a knife and get to the spring. It will allow the tag to pop out. Another way is to take your grandpa’s hugest hammer and smash magnetic tags to bits! Good luck in the shop!

Safe shoplifting tag removers
Guys, we live in the XXI century. There is no need to make your life more complicated. If you are not looking for easy ways, this article will be of no help. And if you want to work as a pro, visit Using Bombaster’s magnetic security removers, you get a number of advantages:
1. Size. The remover is small and it does not attract attention. It is easy to hide.
2. Guaranteed capacity. The items are made of the best magnetic materials. Remove all kinds of standard tags with reinforced lock mechanism.
3. Durability. Magnetic security removers are made on unique technology and withstand falls.
Experienced users sometimes have concerns about delivery as a magnetic security remover may become magnetized to anything during transportation. The Bombaster team uses packages in the most voluminous and dense material. This way the magnetic fields does not exceed the permissible characteristics out the package.  
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