Shoplifting Prevention Systems

Storeowners lose about $ 20 billion annually. The use of modern shoplifting prevention systems helps to reduce losses. Accordingly, a decrease in the level of shoplifting increases the income of retailers. Using different systems to prevent theft is not able to protect professional shoplifters from successful trips. For any security system there is a shoplifting system for hacking it. Read more further about the features of the thieves' equipment from Bombasterhop.

Effective shoplifting prevention systems
The most effective way for preventing shoplifting today is the combined use of an electronic article surveillance system (EAS) and a covert video surveillance system (CCTV). Video surveillance helps not only to track the actions of the criminal, but also provide substantial evidence to the courts. EAS is a technology that allows identifying goods when they are carried through the gate. A shoplifting prevention system warns of an attempt to take items outside the store.

Three types of EAS systems
The use of EAS systems will not completely stop theft in stores, but shoplifting prevention systems can reduce theft by at least 60%. An EAS tag or label is attached to the item. If the tag has not been disabled or removed, a theft signal will be triggered while the tag passes through the gate. There are three types of shoplifting prevention systems.
·        Radio frequency system. Professional thieves use shielding RF fabric or RF jammer for RF system, such as rf-jammer.
·        Acousto-magnetic system. Thieves use the "jamming" method for this shoplifting prevention system. It’s convenient to use a jammer smart-AM-jammer. The best invention from Bombastershop is the universal jammer 2 in 1. It can be used for both types of systems jammeramrf.
·        Electromagnetic system. Recently, the production of EM systems has been stopped for many reasons. However, if you want to understand the features of this system, follow here faq-type-of-antitheft-system.

Thief systems from Bombastershop
If you decide to use thieves' equipment, be sure that you have passed the theoretical foundations of the shoplifting theme. Shoplifting prevention systems have their own specifics. You can study this topic in the video or read it in a text version here faq-type-of-antitheft-system. Bombastershop products are of high quality and perfect durability of the material. The development team is ready to answer any of your questions.
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