If You Are Caught Shoplifting

Theft is not only the withdrawal of goods from the store, but also the change of price tags, the acquisition of stolen goods, and abetting. Most often, a thief caught for shoplifting is not experiences in such a deal. Professional shoplifters are almost elusive. They do their job quietly and confidently. Shoplifting equipment is often used, such as the products of Bombastershop High quality jammers, booster bags, pullers and other equipment make the shoplifter's job easier. However, newcomers are often caught shoplifting and have to be liable for breaking the law.

What you shouldn’t do if you are caught shoplifting
You should not overreact to the accusation. Try to stay calm. Do not make sudden movements that could be misinterpreted as a threat of bodily harm to a store employee. Be clear about your reasons. You can immediately understand the main purpose of the store: to return stolen goods or to punish a thief. Do not bargain with a loss prevention officer if he only needs to document an offense. If he doesn’t, confidently offer payment options for refund without involving the police.

Be careful with signing documents!
Situations are very different and often unforeseen. Make sure a witness is present. In most cases, the witness will be any available store employee. You will be asked a series of questions. Try to be as nice as possible. Don't sign anything until you've read it. If you have proper identification, the detective will probably let you go after you sign. But! Be careful what you sign. If you have any questions about what is in a document, feel free to ask questions. Use your own judgment. You can refuse to sign any kind of document. However, this can be taken as a rejection to cooperate. Then the next decision of the employee will be to call the police.

Payments on civil claim
The civil action applies depending on the state. If you commit theft in a state where this law is in force, you may be asked to sign a statement that you understand the elements underlying the civil penalty. A civil action is a law that states that merchants have the right to file a civil action against theft to recover costs incurred in the theft of a store. The civil penalty can be quite high. Do not sign documents in which you have any doubts. The best solution is to speak with your lawyer before making any civil claim payments.

Criminal charges
Laws, fines and penalties vary from state to state. It is important to know about the laws of the state where you are going to commit the theft. If you are caught shoplifting, you will be punished according to the laws of that state. Depending on the amount of the stolen property, theft can be classified as an administrative offense or a criminal offense. The maximum penalty for shoplifting depends on the value of the stolen goods in the following ratio:
·        if their cost is less than $ 500, the maximum sentence is 3 months in prison
·        if the value of the stolen goods is between $ 500 and $ 1000, the maximum term is one year in prison
·        If the amount exceeds $ 1000, the maximum sentence is 7 years in prison.

Having a criminal record isn’t the best “purchase”
Having a criminal record for shoplifting will leave a black stain on your bio. In addition to paying fines and punishment, you will need to work hard to find a decent job. The problem of unfairness is relevant for employers, who, among other qualities, have to decide whether they can trust their applicants. A theft conviction can also negatively affect educational applications, professional license applications, loans, and even mortgages or rentals.

What can you do to avoid being caught stealing?
Yes, stealing is bad, as a decent society and religion teach us. However, we have no right to judge you. Everyone is able to choose their own path. If you are going to commit a crime, you should prepare well in order to achieve positive results. Professional shoplifters have qualities such as agility and confidence in their actions. They also have knowledge. Yes, precisely the knowledge of how the world of anti-theft systems works. We are waiting for your questions on the website
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