The Usage of Security Tags to Prevent Shoplifting

Store owners lose an average of 20 billion a year due to theft problem. One of the best antitheft methods is to install security equipment. Most likely, you know what anti-theft tags are and how load they beep at the gate at the exit from the store! The owners are ready to protect their goods using the latest technologies, which cost a lot of money. It is important to note that the developers of thieves' equipment, in turn, are not idle either. For any type of security tags, you can purchase quality equipment for its removal from the manufacturer Bombastershop.

The difference between EAS systems
Anti-theft experts say EAS devices can reduce losses from shoplifting by 60 percent or even more. How does the anti-theft tag work to prevent shoplifting? A tag or EAS label is attached to the product. In order to exit through the gate, the tag must either be removed or muted. You’ve probably seen special devices used by shop sellers , special  pullers that remove the tag when you pay for the goods. Now imagine that you have such a puller. You can purchase such a device here detacher3 . Before you go for the goods, you have to be sure that you know the differences between the anti-theft systems.
·        Radio frequency system. The RF system is always installed on a two-rack basis. Professional thieves use a shielding cloth or RF jammer to jam the RF system's security tags, for example, rf-jammer.
·        Acousto-magnetic system. AM works according to a completely new principle. RF equipment will not work with AM system security tags. You can see information that there are manufacturers that produce booster bags for both systems. We strongly recommend not risking your safety! Yes, indeed, there are times when the fabric jams the AM system, but no one will give you a guarantee! Be careful with scammers! The Bombastershop team has tested thousands of systems. You’d better trust the professionals. Professional shoplifters use jammers smart-AM-jammer for AM systems.
·        Electromagnetic system. Recently, the production of EM systems has been stopped. We advise you to pay attention to a more detailed study of RF and AM systems.

The optimal investment in a 2-in-1 universal jammer!
jammeramrf - 2 in 1 jammer from Bombastershop. It has no analogues. The professional shoplifter knows why this device is precious. The jammer jams both AM and RF systems. All devices are disguised in a charger. Even if security officers make you a personal search, no one will recognize the device. It is important to understand the difference between AM and RF systems. There are two jammers inside this jammer. The only thing they both have in common is a charger. Each buyer receives a manual for the use of a jammer for removal of security tags and the device itself. Video reviews and detailed information about the equipment can be found on the website
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