Why Shoplifting Is Wrong?

Retailers lose more than $ 13 billion worth of merchandise every year  according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention. This is one of the reasons why shoplifting is so serious. Given the scale of even America, this figure is enormous. Only 1 out of 48 thieves is caught and only about half of them are given to the police for prosecution. The precise assessment of shoplifting as a criminal offense varies from country to country. In the United States, each state has its own laws. By comparison, Florida has an upper limit for a minor offense of $ 100, and in New Jersey it is twice higher.

What is shoplifting?
We usually think of shopping as stealing goods from the store. However, other criminal acts are also included here. These are eating in a restaurant without paying or leaving the hotel, all possible fraud with price tags to reduce the price of goods, criminal transactions with checks for goods, etc. Why shoplifting is wrong except of moral and ethical standards? The penalty for theft becomes more severe if the stolen item is valued at $ 1,000. The charge can be brought as a felony; a shoplifting sentence for a minor offense can be up to one year in prison and a felony from 16 months to 3 years in prison.

Shoplifting statistics in the USA
It is impossible to create a profile of a typical shoplifter. Among shoplifters, you can find both men and women with the same frequency. Approximately 25% of shoplifters are children, 75% are adults. 55% of adult shoplifters say they had their first shoplifting experience as a teenager. About 3% of shoplifters are professionals. They steal for resale or profit as their business. The following fact is interesting. So we know why shoplifting is of high concerns. Shop owners should watch out not only for those who enter the store, but also for those who work in it. The US Chamber of Commerce reports that businesses suffer $ 50 billion in losses from employee thefts. If we talk about the general statistics of thieves, there are about 27 million of them in America.

Anti-theft devices as a method of protection against shoplifting
One of the key issues is the installation of anti-theft devices to avoid losses from shoplifting. The percentage of losses from shoplifting can be reduced by using modern equipment. One of the key issues is the installation of anti-theft devices. It is not cheap to install this equipment, but conscious store owners usually prefer to spend enough money on security. This is important because there is a direct relationship. The decrease in the level of shoplifting leads to an increase in their income. Why shoplifting can’t be completely stopped by the security system? Because in parallel with the development of anti-theft equipment, there is a development of thieves equipment.

Three types of EAS systems and how to bypass them
EAS systems cannot completely stop theft. However, experts say they can reduce them by 60 percent or more. An EAS tag or label is attached to the product. Then the tag is disabled. After making a purchase, the seller uses a stripper to remove the tag. Some tags contain special ink capsules. If you physically break the capsule, it could ruin the item itself. If you do not remove an anti-theft tag, an alarm will go off at the gate. So, let's take a closer look at how to bypass anti-theft systems and why shoplifting is an easy deal for Bombastershop customers.
·        RF system
RF works on the principle of analyzing its own field in order to identify “absorbers of this field” (tags). The RF system is always installed on the basis of two gates. It is impossible to create a field with only gates, you need a pair. To safely pass the RF gate, professional thieves use a shielding fabric or RF jammer for the RF system, for example, rf-jammer.
·        Acousto-magnetic system
AM works on the principle of the resonant response of the tag. The gate first creates movement in the tag, and then listens to a specific frequency for a response from the tag. At this moment of "listening" the gate itself does not give a signal. Thieves use a special jammer for this system; you can read more details here smart-AM-jammer.
·        Electromagnetic system
Recently, the production of EM systems has been stopped for many reasons. If you want to study their characteristics, you can find information on the official Bombastershop website. It is a reliable resource for manufacturers of thieves' equipment. In addition to the products themselves, you can watch training videos, thieves' topics and contact the manufacturers directly. You know why shoplifting is dangerous. You can get caught! But equipment from Bombastershop will not provide a security guard with such an opportunity!
How to shoplift
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