Interesting Shoplifting Facts

Shopkeepers suffer heavy losses due to the high rate of shoplifting. This is one of the most common forms of theft in America. The perpetrator has his own motives for stealing without paying, and the owner suffers financial losses every year. Theft is not only the illegal removal of goods from the store. This crime also includes changing the price for a cheaper one, buying stolen items or participating in theft. Learning more facts about shoplifting, you can see a clearer picture of this crime.

What do you need to know about shoplifting?
·        Very often young people steal for fun. Analyzing the reports of the National Association Shoplifting Prevention, we see that often the crime is not premeditated. Every day in the US, store owners lose about $ 30 million.
·        There is no gender difference in theft. Men and women steal in equal proportions.
·        Statistics show that over the past 5 years there have been 10 million cases of theft. It follows that every eleventh American has stolen something at some time.
·        Professional thieves take 10% of total retailers’ losses. Their number is much less, but the "harvest" is much better. At least professionals will not create competition for you in employment.
·        Thieves admit that theft is addictive. Most try to steal as children or at a young age. It is hard enough to stop.

Popular myths about shoplifting
There are some stereotypes in society associated with theft. We will try to dispel your doubts about some of them.

Theft appeared in the modern world
You yourself know what the most ancient profession is, and thefts did not run far from them. In 1591, Robert Greene wrote a pamphlet in which he made recommendations to thieves regarding their appearance. They stole household items, silver, various items. In different periods of history, the punishment for theft varied in severity. It even went as far as hanging.

They steal out of need
This may cover a small percentage of the total theft. For the big picture, the data shows that they steal what they want. Mobile phones, hair products, cosmetics, etc. You can live without them indeed. Theft is common for people with higher education as well. Stealing allows you to increase your income.

Thieves can be easily stopped
Measures can be taken to reduce the percentage of shoplifting losses. However, it will not be possible to stop them. Since the 70s, shopkeepers have started using anti-theft devices, CCTV cameras, etc. At the same time with the development of protective technologies, others developed technologies to break this protection. Let's take a closer look at one of the most successful manufacturers of shoplifting devices of our time.

Professional shoplifters work with equipment
If you need to steal another chocolate bar, you will not need this information. Professional shoplifters make big money on this business, and it is necessary to go hunting only with the best tools. Since 2010, the manufacturer of shoplifting equipment Bombastershop has been popular on the market. On the official website you can find all the necessary information about booster bags, pullers, jammers, hooks ( It is also important that the developers are constant practitioners and annually share with their customers the best variations of equipment. In addition to products, you can find useful information about anti-theft devices and the nuances of their work.
How to shoplift
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