Anti-Theft Systems and Ways to Break Them

Professional shoplifters know that knowledge of anti-theft systems is essential for effective work. In this article, you will find basic information on the three types of anti-theft systems and ways to break them. Electromagnetic anti-theft systems are one of this list. Their production has already been stopped and it is quite difficult to find them. Therefore, pay more attention to how to break radio frequency (RF) and acoustomagnetic (AM) systems.

Stickers and their peculiarities
Anti-theft security systems work on different principles. Accordingly, their stickers are also different. Having studied the peculiarities of the stickers, you can determine what anti-theft alarm system is used in the store.
·         AM stickers are only plastic. Size: 4cm * 1cm * 2mm. White with a false barcode, but other colors are also possible. There are two dense metal strips inside the sensor.
Vulnerable to bending and crushing!!!
·         RF stickers can be of paper or film base. Size: 4cm * 4cm. Usually square, but round are also found. White with a false barcode, sometimes can be one-color. Inside the tag, there is a spiral and a flat capacitor at the corner made of foil.
Vulnerable to tears and cuts!!!
·        EM stickers are paper. Shape: elongated. There are two thin metal strips inside the tag.
Only vulnerable to half-length bends!!!

Varieties of hard tags
·        AM tags: Super-Tag tags. Pencil Tag, Ultra Tag, Golf-Tag, and Ultra Gator.
·        RF tags: Golf-Tag tags.
·        Universal tags: S3 Hard Tags with 3 Alarm Technology or 2 Alarm Technology, Checkpoint Alpha Systems. They can be use for both AM or RF system.
If the tag is labeled Super-Tag, the store uses an AM anti-theft system. If the tag is square and flat, it is RF!

Anti-theft gate
If the gate is covered with an advertisement, look at the gate from above. Explore the model as much as possible.
·        AM gate. Manufacturers Gateway, CrossPoint, WorldGlobal, Amersec, Catalyst, MTC, Sensormatic
·         RF gate. Manufacturers NEDAP, CheckPoint, Crosspoint, Gateway
·        EM gate. Manufacturers CheckPoint, Sensormatic. Now EM systems are purchased only by book stores and libraries
Take a close look at gates from different manufacturers. Pay attention to the bars in the gates of RF and AM anti-theft systems. RF systems generally have 2-3 crossbars, evenly spaced from top to bottom. AM systems always have only two or one, but a wider crossbar and they are closer to the middle of the antenna height.

Universal jammer against RF and AM systems!
Over 10 years Bombastershop has been working on the improvement of the shoplifting technology. On the official website you can read more about company's products and watch training videos.
Today, the best solution for a shoplifter is the jammer AMRF "2in1" 2020. It is compatible with AM and RF systems. It is sold only marked in the body of a device similar to PowerBank. The device has two factory buttons for controlling RF and AM jammers. PowerBank keeps the function of charging other devices. No need to worry about your personal search.

How does a jammer work?
The Bombastershop developers have built both jammers inside one body. They connected separate control of each of them. The jammers are not interconnected inside. They only get their power from the same source. Buying a jammer jammeramrf, the customer receives a training video on how to use the device. You need to learn how to activate the jammer you need, AM or RF. The rules for unlocking and blocking the jammer are included in the instruction at the purchase of this device.

Booster bags for beginners
If you are not yet ready to spend money on expensive goods, a special RF screening fabric will be the best purchase. When you buy fabric , you will receive detailed instructions and information on how to make bags and packages. One layer of this fabric is guaranteed to be enough to jam RF anti-theft tags. If the tag does not stick out of the bag, (admit it would be too frivolous), the fabric completely jams the RF tag.
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