Do Shoplifting Signs Really Work?

To avoid shoplifting losses, shopkeepers use a variety of anti-theft methods. Having large cash flows, they have high-quality security cameras, universal gates, anti-theft tags and a whole army of employees. Less successful owners will at least place shoplifting signs around the store with the message “CCTV is being conducted” or warning of further consequences for thieves.

Signs with "eyes"
It is believed that using shoplifting warning signs with the eyes pictured will give better results. As if a thief sees the gaze directed at him and then he is ready for compliance. That is, do not steal. This kind of signs of shoplifting might work if he is still in the nursery group or a sentimental grandpa. However, a professional will not even pay attention to it. He knows that the presence of stickers does not always indicate a working surveillance camera.

Typical shoplifter’s behavior
Store employees with extensive experience can often identify a thief by his behavior. The shopper appears to be nervous and constantly avoids eye contact. He walks around the store and does not buy anything. All the time he looks after the consultants and lingers round the territory of the store where shop assistants can hardly notice him. In clothing stores, the shoplifter can stay longer in the fitting room. The list of shoplifter signs is not limited to this, as there are tricks that are more sophisticated. In any case, such a buyer will definitely get more attention from security officers.

The most stolen items by thieves
Shoplifters usually take out goods that are easy to remove and hide. In general, the most common are mobile phones, jewelry, electronic goods, money and food. What is important for the shoplifter is that the goods are removable and easy to retrieve. Later on, he can use the stolen item himself or sell it on the black market. If the thief has a goal or even a need to take out the product, no shoplifting sign can stop him.

New technologies against anti-theft systems
Bombastershop has developed high quality equipment for shoplifters. The founders guarantee a positive result with proper utilization of the products. This is not just about shoplifting warning signs, but also anti-theft systems. For example, using a regular bag made of special metal fabric, you will not arouse unnecessary suspicions fabric. For those who hunt for larger fish, the shop offers a universal jammer jammeramrf. The site contains training videos, detailed information about the equipment and answers to the most common questions.
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