What is magnetic force and how magnetic detachers work

In the shoplifting world there are various types of equipment to steal goods from shops safely. Many of you are familiar with booster bags with foil and magnets. However, old methods are slowly becoming outdated and opening up opportunities for new developments. In this article, we will get acquainted with the products of one of the most modern manufacturers of shoplifting devices Bombastershop and take a closer look at the operation of magnetic detachers.

What is a magnetic field?
Magnet is an object or device that emits an external magnetic field. It applies force at a distance to other magnets, electric currents, charge beams, circuits, or magnetic materials. Magnet has the ability to attract iron and steel objects and repel some others due to the action of its magnetic field. The magnetic field of permanent magnets is created by electric micro currents circulating inside the molecules of the substance (Ampere's hypothesis). The force lines of the magnetic field run from the south pole of the magnet and exit from the north pole.

What makes a magnet magnetic?
Magnetism in metals is created by the uneven distribution of electrons in the atoms of certain metallic elements. The uneven rotation and motion caused by this uneven distribution of electrons move the charge inside the atom back and forth creating magnetic dipoles. When the magnetic dipoles align, they create a magnetic domain, a localized magnetic region with north and south poles. In magnetized materials, most of these domains are aligned and directed in the same direction creating a magnetic field. The more domains coincide, the stronger the magnetic force.

Magnetic pull force and magnetic field strength
These two definitions confuse many people. Pull force of magnet is one of the common measures of the magnet strength, while the strength of a magnetic field is another thing. Pull force refers to how much force it takes to pull magnet away from something. You can measure it in pounds, kilograms, or whatever. Magnetic field strength is a measurement of the strength and direction of a magnetic field at a specific point near the magnet. It is measured in gauss or tesla (1 tesla = 10,000 gauss) and depends on the size of the magnet, the shape of the magnet, the class of the magnet, the location of the measurement, and any other magnets or ferromagnetic materials nearby.

Magnetic anti-theft tags
Today people can produce magnets and have a clear understanding of how they work. There are different types of magnets, but we will talk about those that help shoplifters in their work. You probably know about anti-theft magnetic tags. They are often attached to clothing at the seams. These tags consist of a small nail and plastic parts that contain balls of the magnet. the clothes are pierced through in the seam area with this nail and a plastic base is placed on top. There, the balls from the magnet clamp the nail firmly, and in order to remove this tag without making a damage to the thing, you will need to use a special device - a detacher.

The principle of operation of magnetic detachers
The anti-theft tag remover is equipped with a special configuration of constant field magnets inside an aluminum upper housing. The design of such a device is based on the Halbach principle. Halbach's magnetic assembly is a special configuration of permanent magnets characterized by the fact that the magnetic field on one of its sides is almost completely absent due to the special arrangement of the assembly elements. But on a surface that acts as a working surface, this magnetic force exceeds the force of a standard magnet. Novice shoplifters tend to believe that the anti-theft tags can be removed using a usual magnet. They are mistaken. You can get rid of anti-theft tags only with special detachers and it is better to use detachers from trusted manufacturers.

What is a magnetic detacher from Bombastershop?
All equipment on the official website of the store is known for its quality and long warranty. The developers are constantly working to improve the devices and always interact with their buyers. If you are interested in magnetic detachers, there are three such products offered on the site - from the more accessible version detacher12000Gs to the better version of the puller detacher3. Also on the site, you can find detailed instructions and video descriptions of various shoplifting devices.
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