How to Catch Shoplifters?

Shop owners lose billions of dollars a year for the reason of shoplifting. The store employees detain shoplifters and bring legal proceedings against them. However, theft laws are not always unambiguous, not only at the country level, but also at the state level. In any case, store employees should avoid blaming suspects without evidence and detain only reasonably. After all, suspects, on their part, can also enter cases. You should know how to catch a shoplifter and avoid unpleasant consequences.

Detect a shoplifter
• If you are a store employee, you cannot detain someone having only suspicions. You must personally see how the thief is hiding the goods or watch similar actions on the surveillance camera. Of course, CCTV cameras have a huge advantage, since the incident will be recorded and later on it makes impossible to avoid the crime. Pay more attention to potential thieves by the following hints: wearing too baggy clothes, carrying bags, removing tags from goods, behaving nervously.
• You need to watch a suspect constantly. It is by no means a crime for the suspect to hide the product under his clothes. As soon as he takes out the unpaid item from the store, then you will catch the thief. Only in this case it is a crime. Very often, a novice thief can just get scared and leave the product on the shelf. If you have a suspicion, follow the "buyer" through the store.

Detain a shoplifter
• Come up to a shoplifter and introduce yourself as a loss prevention store employee. Say to him that you have seen the theft committed and ask the offender to return to the store. The thief will say that this is impossible or will simply return the product stating that he has simply forgot to pay. Don’t trust this version although he may sound quite convincing. The thief can also start running away. You shouldn't run after him, an exception may be an empty territory. Otherwise, such movements can pose a threat to the safety of customers and store employees.
• Bring the thief back to the store. Better to accompany him with other staff as well. Pick up the stolen item and take a photo of it. You should also take a picture of the thief. The next step is to call the police. If the thief is a minor or elderly person, you can call relatives first. Count the value of the stolen item. This figure classifies the crime as a misdemeanor or a criminal offense. And then it depends on the state, since each state has its own shoplifting laws.

Entrust the case to the police
• The thief can be detained within a "reasonable" time. It is also worth remembering the rules of treatment, as you can also be forced to civil liability. If you have the right to handcuff a thief, you are responsible for his health and safety while he is detained.
• When the police arrive, you announce the amount of the theft. The thief will be charged and given a date in court to respond to the charge. You can ask the police for a thief restraining order from the store. If you spot the same thief some time after the theft incident, you can require him to leave the store, even if he did not steal anything.

Catch a shoplifter with special equipment
It is a very rare case today to catch a shoplifter with a foil bag. Yes, this method used to be very popular. But nowadays more advanced methods are used. Instead of foil, professionals use RF fabric bags or backpacks. For example, fabric. It is unlikely that store staff will be able to identify such material in a shoplifter's bag or package. It is virtually impossible to distinguish it visually from ordinary accessories. In order to catch a shoplifter with such a bag, you need to be very astute. Shoplifters also often use jammers and detachers. Such equipment can be found during a personal search. Bombastershop’s equipment through is always of the optimal size. It won't take much effort to hide it.

The best choice for shoplifters!
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