Effects of Shoplifting

Statistics show that there are about 27 million shoplifters in only the States. 25% of them children. Adults, in turn, admit that they started stealing at the teen-age. Speaking about shoplifting professionals, they occupy only 3%, but they get 10% of the total loss. The question is how shoplifting affects the economy as a whole.

Profit level reduces
Shoplifting directly affects business income. Each stolen item costs money, and in case of loss, the store owner loses money. Shoplifting effects are more significant if the business is just developing. The chances of shoplifting losses increase with absence of high quality anti-theft equipment and the necessary number of employees.

Price increase
Regular theft results in loss of goods and financial gain. For small businesses, there is a way to stay afloat by taking advantage of higher prices. At some point, this may be the only solution for managing losses after shoplifting. Larger companies are able to work according to other schemes due to their greater purchasing power and significant turnover.

Budget cuts
Shop owners can temporarily save the day by slashing their budget. Shoplifting leads to crucial decisions. For example, they can get rid of skilled workers or cut marketing budget. Thus, shop owners compensate for financial losses made by shoplifters. But such steps are not a reliable way out as they deprive the business of the opportunity to compete in the market.

Tough security
Employees themselves can turn a number of shoplifting tricks. Shop owners are aware of this and yet pay more attention to casual shoppers. In the case of regular thefts, it is necessary to tighten security methods and take out a time to train assistants. In turn, store employees are required to know both their rights and the responsibility they bear for the loss of goods.

Tense atmosphere
How shoplifting affects society is also conditioned by moral stereotypes. If a store has such a problem, all employees are aware of this. Employees become wary of customers,  and then they also cannot trust their colleagues. Moreover, it is necessary to remember about the high quality customer service. Nobody canceled a benevolent and positive attitude towards each client.

Consequences for the shoplifter
Yes, there are chances that you can get off with a whole skin. In particular, if you have experience and use reliable equipment, for example, Bombastershop’s products. But if you get caught, it's not fun. Before and after the court, you must avoid a criminal record at all costs. Otherwise, you will face problems with at least getting a job. Then a usual thing such as moral condemnation by society. And if you get back to shoplifting, we recommend that you study all the nuances in case of a relapse.
How to shoplift
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