Shoplifting in New Mexico

New Mexico's criminal laws use the term “larceny” to refer to theft offenses. Theft is defined as the seizure of someone else's property in order to deprive the owner of the right to this property. Theft includes crimes related to the misappropriation of property, money, intangible assets and services. Shoplifting in New Mexico is on the list along with identity theft, credit card theft, false obtaining of housing or services, fraudulent activities to obtain possession, and more.

Shoplifting in New Mexico: classification and punishment

Most states categorize thefts based primarily on the value of the stolen property. Shoplifting laws in New Mexico are no exception.

·        Misdemeanor. Theft in New Mexico is considered a misdemeanor if the value of the stolen property is $ 250 or less. The penalty for a misdemeanor will be imprisonment for a maximum of six months in a county jail, or a fine of up to $ 500, or both.
·        Misconduct. An offense is considered a crime if the value of the stolen property exceeds $ 250 but does not exceed $ 500. Misconduct is punishable by imprisonment of one year or less in the county jail, a fine of up to $ 1,000, or both.
·        The fourth degree felony. This offense is considered a fourth degree felony if the value of the stolen property exceeds $ 500 but does not exceed $ 2,500. This crime also includes cases of stolen property, which is a firearm worth less than $ 2,500. The fourth degree felony is punishable by 18 months in prison and a $ 5,000 fine.
·        The third degree felony. If the value of the stolen property exceeds $ 2,500 but does not exceed $ 20,000, it is considered the third degree felony. The third degree felony is punishable by up to three years in prison and a $ 5,000 fine.

Shoplifting civil laws in New Mexico

In addition to criminal penalties, the perpetrator may be liable to the seller or store owner. In such a case, the convicted person of shoplifting in New Mexico must pay the retail value of the item (unless the item was returned undamaged), punitive damages of at least $ 100 but no more than $ 250, and reimburse the store owner for filing a claim. If the stolen items are returned to the seller or store owner in a sellable condition, the seller cannot request refund of the value of the goods from the offender.

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