Nedap RFID Won't Stop Shoplifters!

For over 40 years, Nedap has been a leader in the design and manufacture of electronic access control systems. The company is based in the Netherlands and its products are used around the world. You probably know that business owners use anti-theft systems to protect their goods in the store. Today these are mainly acoustomagnetic and radio frequency systems. Nedap RFID is a radio frequency identification. The use of Nedap RFID tags makes it easier to carry out inventory and prevent theft. But can such sensors really withstand shoplifting equipment?

Bombastershop products vs. Nedap RFID tags
The development of anti-theft devices is evolving great every year. But do not underestimate the work of those who are ready to break the system with retaliatory technologies. The shoplifting equipment manufacturer Bombastershop is the best assistant for professional shoplifters. More than ten years of development and testing have shown results in the invention of the highest quality shoplifting equipment. Nedap RFID can stop an amateur thief, but not a professional shoplifter using Bombastershop products.

Pullers and jammers for Nedap RFID
If you decide to purchase professional shoplifting equipment, you should be sure that you understand the differences in anti-theft systems. On the Bombastershop website, you can find detailed information about any questions you are interested in regarding the topic of shoplifting. First, start to distinguish between acoustomagnetic and radio frequency systems. To help you, the following article is here faq-type-of-antitheft-system. You need to distinguish Nedap RFID from others, as you will be using pullers or jammers for the RF system. On the site and social networks of the manufectirer, you can find recent information about new technologies in the world of anti-theft systems with constant updates. Developers of anti-theft equipment annually show their achievements. In response, the Bombastershop team is preparing many surprises.
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