Common Shoplifter’s Rights

In most states, the amount of the charge depends on the value of the property that the perpetrator has stolen. If you make a mistake, a competent lawyer will try to solve the problem so that you receive the lowest possible punishment. It is also possible that you are not guilty at all. It is important that you state your arguments correctly and the court hears your version of the given case. You have to be sure that you are correctly presenting your facts. Sometimes you have to fight to protect yourself from false accusations. No matter what happens, everyone deserves a fair trial and know his shoplifting rights to avoid unforeseen punishment.

Detaining a shoplifter
To reduce false accusations of arrest, there are generally accepted steps that a merchant has to follow before arresting someone suspected of shoplifting. If the store employee did not follow them, it will be easier for you to extricate yourself from the situation. Therefore, the employee has to see how you approach the product, choose, hide, carry away or remodel the product. For example, changing price tags will be punishable as well as theft. Further, the employee has to watch you constantly and see that you have not paid for the goods. A store employee can approach you outside the store, only then you get accusations. If he came up to you while you were still in the store, you’ll have more chances for luck. It will be possible to challenge this case in front of witnesses.

Protecting rights of shoplifters
·        In the case of store theft, the intention of the theft can be challenged if it was unintentional and you planned to pay for the item. Suppose that you left the store on instinct with a purpose unrelated to the store or a stolen product.
·        In some petty theft and shoplifting cases, shoplifter rights can be protected by pointing out a case of misidentification. It is necessary to prove that a similar person, wearing similar clothes and visually similar to you, committed a crime, but not you. If you are caught by a guard, he has to appear in court to testify. In many cases, before the case reaches the court, the witnesses no longer work in the very place or do not want to spend time working with the police.
·        For offenders who are charged with theft for the first time, there are special educational programs. The court can give you a second chance and require only attendance of these programs in terms of your sentence. By agreeing to take part in this program, you can reduce your costs in this situation.
·        Only after consulting a criminal defense attorney can a fair plea bargain be used. In such a case, charges are dropped in exchange for reducing charges to a lower fine or, in some cases, returning the money to the business owner. An experienced lawyer will be able to defend shoplifter’s rights properly.

Severity of shoplifting cases
The severity of fines and penalties for shoplifting usually depends on the value of the goods. Theft of firearms, explosives or incendiary devices increases the seriousness of the charges. If your rights are violated and you are accused of theft, you should be prepared for the fact that prosecutors often decide at their discretion what charges to bring in a particular case. In many states, theft charges range from misdemeanor to felony. The prosecutor can choose between several levels of charge taking into account previous convictions, especially convictions for theft. In some states, previous charges of theft will automatically lead to a more serious charge.

Thief is not the one who steals, but the one that is caught
You can rarely meet a person who has not stolen anything in his life. Often, petty thefts go unpunished and can be remembered with a laugh. However, for those who plan to shoplift valuable items, the rules are very different. Before committing a crime, you must be prepared. Shoplifting, like any other topic, requires some knowledge. It is important to understand the anti-theft equipment, to know the specifics of the operation of surveillance cameras, and the like. In addition, when talking about professional theft, you need to keep in mind only professional equipment. Today, the market for thieves' devices has a huge number of products from different manufacturers. The Chinese markets never stop attacking the market. However, we advise buying only reliable equipment for professional shoplifters. One of the best manufacturers today is Bombastershop. Visit the official website Professional shoplifters are fully aware of what they are doing and what the risks are. The equipment can make your task easier. Decide what exactly you need to steal and what equipment will best suit your needs.
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