Shoplifter Caught on Tape

According to the National Association Shoplifting Prevention, approximately $ 35 million a day are stolen from retailers every year. Statistics show that one in eleven people commits the crime of shoplifting at some point in their lives. Some people believe that in the case of high sales volumes, this has no effect. In fact, the common effect of these thefts is quite significant. This is passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices to cover losses associated with shoplifting. A shoplifter caught on tape, and stopped by the signal of antitheft gates get onto troubles, but it won’t happen to Bombastershop clients. They leave the store calmly with stolen goods.

Anti-theft systems and their efficiency
The installation of anti-theft systems is the most effective method in the fight against shoplifting. A shoplifter caught on tape can already be brought to justice. Video evidence is, to some extent, even more powerful than having witnesses of the offense. Parking cameras can also record the make of the car the thief is driving. The car model and license plate will help police to find the thief in a short time. Criminals often wonder if they can be charged with theft if the crime was committed a few months ago. The fact is that he can be charged even within a year after the alleged offense was committed.

The usage of shoplifting devices
Professional shoplifters do not risk their safety and do their job quietly and confidently. A shoplifter caught on tape can have unforeseen troubles, however, if a theft is committed with reliable thieves' equipment, there shouldn’t be such recordings. The shoplifting equipment manufacturer Bombastershop tests and improves shoplifting devices annually to ensure the reliable performance for its customers. Booster bags, jammers and pullers are essential tools for shoplifters. You should always pay attention to the dimensions of the device. Jammer 2in1 jammeramrf jams radio frequency and acoustic magnetic systems. This equipment comes with disguise only.

A magic booster bag from Bombastershop
Don't forget to check the location of all cameras in the store. A shoplifter caught on camera is not an enviable situation. First, this causes a personal search. The Bombastershop team understands like no one else; if you are caught with thieves' equipment, the punishment will be more severe. That is why the dimensions of the pullers have been reduced to the minimum possible, the jammer is disguised in a charger, and the booster bag cannot be distinguished from the most ordinary bag fabric. You can also order a backpack and bag of any size and design due to your preferences.
How to shoplift
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