How to Prevent Shoplifting Court Cases

Legally, shoplifting is considered a violation of law and order and some shoplifting cases have criminal liabilities. The cases of shoplifting were in the past, they are present now and will always be relevant without any time limitations. If we consider shoplifting in a broader sense, then we can call it a kind of art of dexterity, risks and necessary knowledge. It would be too frivolous to try to take something out of a store in, say, Dubai. But the security systems of most countries are pretty malleable.

How to avoid a shoplifting court case?
The answer is simple enough - don't get into their hands! You can talk for a long time about morality and mischievous behavior, but if you have already decided to take out something, this is your right. And in order to avoid court cases, we recommend using reliable "helpers" in your adventurous business. These include booster bags, detachers, and jammers. For effective use, you need to devote time and a relatively small amount. If you are not looking for easy ways, then you should not have an issue for purchasing it.

Highly efficient equipment is the guarantee of success!
Manufacturers of Bombastershop equipment have been on the market for over 10 years. Every year their technologies are only getting better. This is a team of not only creators, but also real practitioners. If you have any doubts, they will help you figure it out or even just advise. A lot of information is posted on the site itself with text instructions and video reviews

1) Booster bag.
Let's start with the simplest equipment - a booster bag. Be so kind as not to tell me that you have foil and you will make it yourself. It looks like you would rather send a letter by carrier pigeon than to write by mail. Today, there is a special shielding fabric for jamming RF sensors. You can purchase either fabric or a ready-made bag made according to your preferences in style and size. You can order it here fabric.

2) Detachers.
For those who are going to delve deeper into shoplifting business, you should pay attention to detachers. At first glance, it seems that it is not so easy. However, it is all a matter of practice. How does a detacher work? You set the detacher to the bulb on the protective box. Then, depending on the manufacturer, you just slide the lock, find a small latch, slide it and press the button. It is actually very simple. You can get acquainted with the functionality of the detacher from the video of Bombastershop
3) Jammers.
If you are interested in jammers, you are certainly not going to steal chocolates! This device has the greatest advantages, but the price for it is corresponding. The universal jammer for acoustic-magnetic and radio-frequency systems jammeramrf. There are simply no analogues. Deing masked in PowerBank makes it possible to take it with you wherever you go without arousing suspicion from the security service. Users even take it with them on air travel (but only in hand luggage). Before you go hunting, be sure you know the differences between radiofrequency and acoustic magnetic systems.

Preparing for shoplifting
Let's say you have already purchased the necessary equipment and you are about to act. There are a few more factors to consider before starting. So, preparation.
1. Take some money with you. If you are suspected of stealing, the absence of money will only make the situation worse.
2. It is not necessary to buy some product when you shoplift items. For example, you can ask the consultant if they have a specific item, such as a robe with mother-of-pearl buttons. Probably not. And freely leave the shop your trophy.
3. Don't rely on intuition about employees. Appearance is deceiving, and in this matter, you need to be extremely careful. Even pretty girls are capable of holding you back while a 100-kilogram strong-arm man will not pay any attention to you.
4. Check out all available videos on the Bombastershop website. Be confident and calm in the store.
5. In case of detention, if you failed to escape, be careful not to accidentally hurt anyone. You risk getting more from above for physical damage.

Defense cases of shoplifting
If you do get caught, there is a chance that your case will be defended in court. The following conditions will help you avoid punishment:
• Errors of store employees. Police officers and security personnel are completely different people. If the police act strictly according to the protocol and know every step, the security officers are not always familiar with some kind of instructions when shoplifting cases take place in a store. They often make mistakes and mishandle evidence.
• Lack of witnesses. It is rare for security personnel to work in the same store. If the witness does not appear and it is not possible to identify you on the video, the prosecutor will not be able to prove the shoplifting case. Be very careful with video cameras and always look for blind spots in the store. In addition, in stores in New York and other large cities, shoppers are often crowded. Use it on your hand.
• The cost of stolen goods is too high. The number that the store claims is extremely important. Sometimes, they overvalue losses. The store must provide documentary evidence of the real value of the stolen item and the amount of the refund in its claim. If there is no evidence, the amount of losses may decrease. A high loss can make a criminal case out of your misconduct. So be careful.

Admission of guilt
You will have time to admit your guilt. In any case, it is necessary to use all the necessary options that the lawyer advises. Yes, you will need him, because carrying a shoplifting case on yourself is much more difficult and fraught with consequences. If you have used all the options recommended by an experienced lawyer and there is nothing else left, then confess. This option should be the last on your list of actions.
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