What Is a Shoplifter?

A shoplifter is a person who steals money or goods from a store while the store is open. Speaking about the consequences of theft, it is worth noting that not everyone is talking about large losses in profits. For some owners, this is a more unpleasant process with judicial red tape. For this reason, retail giants sometimes ignore shoplifting from their own stores. But be sure, this phenomenon is quite rare. Typically, a shoplifter is punished with fines for shoplifting in exchange for a stolen item, and sometimes a thief can be forced into community service. In the case of a high value of the item, the shoplifter can also receive a term in prison.

Who is an amateur shoplifter?
Shoplifters use a wide variety of methods to shoplift successfully. Professional shoplifters occupy the smallest number of thieves in the total shoplifting group. From them the biggest losses are for shop owners. These guys are not easy to catch. However, for the rest of the shoplifters, general principles can be applied to prevent theft and deter potential thieves. Fans of extreme tend to wear baggy clothes and move suspiciously around the store during theft. Group work is also possible. Some behave like regular customers and commit crimes while their partners distract the attention of store personnel.

Safety measures against shoplifters
In order to accuse the shoplifter of the crime, he must leave the store with the stolen goods. Only in this case, employees can bring charges and demand the return of the goods with payment of a fine or further consideration of the case. Installing anti-theft systems is a very expensive method of protecting against theft, but the most effective. Many shops have cameras, armed guards, and security tags on goods. Anti-theft tags are attached to the product and in the event that the product is taken out of the store, the gate signals theft. Professional shoplifters pass by the gate quietly using anti-theft equipment from Bombastershop.

Thief addiction
Not all shoplifters steal for money. There is a concept of compulsive disorders inherent in kleptomaniacs. Kleptomaniacs act impulsively and recklessly in the store. They steal, it would seem, for no reason. Very often they do not need the stolen goods at all. They experience something akin to euphoria. It is important for such a shoplifter to experience these emotions. There are organizations in different countries that help shoplifters recover from this addiction. For example, in the United States there is a non-profit organization "National Association for the Prevention of Shoplifting", "Kleptomaniacs and Shoplifters Anonymous", and others.

Who is a professional shoplifter?
The elusive shoplifter is a professional in his field. Professional shoplifters do not tend to feel ecstatic emotions, as they are just doing their job or completing an order. You won't be able to catch a professional thief if you follow the general rules. And if he uses reliable thieves' equipment, the chances are completely minimized. For example, let's take a booster bag from the past made at home from grandma's foil. Today, it is rare for store employees to spot a thief with a foil bag. Yes, this method was once very popular. Instead of foil, professionals use bags or backpacks made of RF shielding fabric fabric. Store employees have no chances to identify such material in a shoplifter's bag or backpack, and even more so to suspect it of "bad deed". It is impossible to distinguish it visually from ordinary bags.

Bombastershop is the best choice for shoplifters!
Jammers and pullers are essential tools for shoplifters. It is possible to find such equipment during a search. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the dimensions of the device. For example, the equipment of a Bombastershop store is always the right size. It won't take much effort to hide them. At the same time, the most reliable way is to use masking equipment. Pay attention to the 2in1 radio frequency and acostomagnetic jammer jammeramrf. A compact device for the professional shoplifter. Such a device will not be of great help even in case of a personal search.
How to shoplift
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