Women and Shoplifting

Shoplifting has only two stages: to hide someone's item in your pocket, baby carriage or clothes, and then leave the store without paying for the goods. Women in shoplifting are in no way inferior to men. Thieves range from impulsive hobbyists to professional criminals who steal on a regular basis. Pros can use multiple people, be they shoplifting women or men. Some members distract store employees while another member steals items. Female thieves usually steal goods for their personal use, while professional shoplifting women usually steal items to resell. Theft also includes exchanging price tags for different items in order to reduce fees, fraudulently returning or consuming products at the store without payment.

Women shoplifters use their tricks
Store employees will rarely watch a well-dressed woman. In addition, if you add light natural makeup and style your hair, it will only simplify the task. Female thieves do not dress in baggy clothes, but they wear jackets with pockets and thick lining to hide the shape of the object. Women often use a bra or high boots for smaller items. It is virtually impossible to determine visually whether the very this client is a thief or not. A separate trick of women shoplifting is flirting with an employee. Even in case of suspicion, you can easily simplify the situation using your charm. Thieves don't go to the same store regularly. By alternating shops, you are less likely to be caught.

How to avoid unnecessary troubles?
·        Always try to buy something smaller when you steal from the store. This will give you cover if the alarm works out. You have at least a receipt.
·        If you have the slightest suspicion that someone knows about you, even if it's just another client, you need to drop everything and leave. Better to leave with nothing than to be caught.
·        Try not to steal in the same store more than once a month. You can shop as much as you like.
·        Try to behave naturally. As if you're about to make a purchase. Compare the product with another brand. Read the instructions.
·        Do not worry. Nervous behavior will immediately draw attention to you, even if you follow all of the above tips. While you are in the store, you have not yet stolen the goods. In any case, you can always put it back and try it another time.

Women and shoplifting punishment
In case you are caught, you will have to bear responsibility for your negligence. Having a criminal record for shoplifting will leave an unnecessary imprint on your bio. The penalty for theft varies in severity. You can be charged with a misdemeanor or even a criminal case. The degree of punishment depends on the value of the stolen item. In addition to paying fines and punishment, you will need to work hard to find a decent job. A store theft conviction, which can be detected through routine background checks, can also negatively affect applications for professional licenses, loans, mortgages, or rentals.

How to avoid punishment for shoplifting?
Professional shoplifters, regardless of gender and age, have the necessary knowledge in the field of theft. First, you need to know the types of anti-theft systems and their specifics. It is important to understand the differences in tags and the features of video cameras. It is necessary to be flexible and observant enough when you have already chosen a target and shop for shoplifting, especially when you are just starting out. Plus, professional shoplifters use shoplifting equipment. Thus, the likelihood of being caught is very low. On the official website you can find a lot of information that interests you. The developers of Bombastershop products offer text and video instructions for a clear understanding of this content. Professional shoplifters give preference to equipment from Bombastershop as they have established themselves in the market as reliable manufacturers. If you already have experience in thefts, it’s advised to pay attention to the newest invention – the universal jammer 2 in 1 jammeramrf. The best that a woman shoplifter or a man shoplifter can have. For a detailed description and practical application, see the website.
How to shoplift
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