Shoplifting on Camera: How to Avoid Punishment?

You are about to steal the necessary goods from the store, but you have some fears due to surveillance cameras. No, we will not talk about the fact that stealing is bad and you should go and earn money elsewhere in an honest way. If you have decided on this, then there are good reasons and it is not for us to judge. On the contrary, in our article we will give some tips on how to avoid punishment if you are suspected of shoplifting on camera.

Preparing for shoplifting on camera
Very often, shops place warning signs in all around the store, and instead of a camera, there is a dummy. In any case, if you are a beginner, it is worthwhile to prepare well for such a risky business. Take some money with you. If you are a shoplifter caught on camera, the lack of money will immediately play against you. Behave naturally. Even if sellers ask different questions offering their services, talk to them. If they have separate items, why you should use this or that item and so on. Do not be confused by signs throughout the store especially where judgmental eyes are staring at you or the police are allegedly patrolling the store.

Who is sitting at the monitors?
Try to find the place where the CCTV monitors are placed and who is sitting behind them. In large stores, most likely, this will not be possible, as separate personnel are hired for this. They often work remotely or elsewhere. In regular stores, you may find them and you even look at the monitor. Often up to 20 cameras are connected to one monitor which change sequentially (every 30 seconds or so). The employee looks at the monitor and, for example, at 50 small windows. They allow displaying most of the room, but not enough detail to see clear what you are doing.

Back to the camera
Shoplifting on camera is no easy feat. If you have analyzed the location of cameras in a store, you need to keep your back to the camera. Very often, video surveillance systems are installed on employees. The cameras give the impression that they are watching you, but in reality, this is only partially possible. In addition, do not forget about blind spots. These are the parts of the store where you can barely be seen. They provide safety and very often the blind spots are at the waistline. But even if you are confident that you are committing theft in the blind spot, do not stay there for too long.

Take a friend with you
The ideal method for shoplifting on camera is teamwork. For example, your friend collects all the necessary things and, for example, in a toilet or another place safe from cameras, gives you the goods. In such operations, the partner can often reimburse his participation with a successfully stolen product or have a share from the sale of stolen things. It is a big mistake to bring items back to the same store. Better to make sure that a similar product was in another store and get the moneyfor it.

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