How to Apprehend a Shoplifter?

Retail store owners use their anti-theft policy in order to reduce shoplifting losses. However, they lose round sums every year, and develop tactics to apprehend shoplifters. There are cases when employees see how they steal goods, but do not detain criminals. Their contract is nuanced and the protection of human rights is paramount. To avoid troubles at his workplace, the employee simply looks away when shoplifting is committed.

Reasons for apprehending a shoplifter
One of the most important steps in arresting a shoplifter is the evidence of his violation. It is not allowed to detain a suspect unreasonably. The store employee has to either have a video confirmation or personally testify about the crime. When an employee sees a suspicious buyer, they need to follow them. Often employees prefer to provide such people with "high quality service". If you offer services to a potential thief, there is a chance that he will get scared and leave the product. However, if the purpose of the store is to punish and re-educate thieves, you should wait for the offender to leave the shop and then detain him.

Cooperation with the store
Most stores prefer to clear up the case within the store. It's just the perfect scenario for both parties. While apprehending a shoplifter, an employee asks him to go to a separate room regarding the discovered stolen items. If the suspect is of the opposite sex, it is important to have another witness of the opposite sex. This is how store employees can defend themselves in case of any accusations. If a minor thief is arrested, it is necessary to keep him in custody until contacting his legal guardian or the police. Both options are valid. The employee can decide for himself. According to the anti-theft policy, employees offer a document for signing and take the criminal's details.

Compilation of a report
There are times when a suspect wants to escape from the place of a crime or during apprehending a shoplifter, the criminal starts a fight. Having witnesses will help avoid further complications. Employees must draw up a report on the incident. The police will in any case require a detailed description. Better to capture what is happening right away. Most likely, the police will read the report later and, if any details are needed, they may request smaller details of what happened.

Punishment for shoplifting
The severity of the punishment is directly related to the value of the stolen item. A charge can be brought up as a felony if the thief has at least one theft-related conviction, or a previous violent conviction or any other registered crime. Moreover, a thief gets civil penalties in addition to criminal ones. These include civil fines or other financial payments that are legal protections for the shop owner as a result of the shoplifting.

Conviction for shoplifting
Theft laws differ significantly; each state has its own set of rules. It is important to understand that you can get a criminal record for light theft. If you are accused of shoplifting, your next step is to contact an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Having a criminal record will negatively affect your life, especially when you want to find a new job, take out a loan or obtain professional licenses. A lawyer can help reduce or postpone charges. If this is the first violation, there is hope for a more positive development of the case.

Apprehending a shoplifter with shoplifting equipment
Professional thieves use specialized shoplifting equipment for easy work. Today in this market there is a wide selection of devices for every taste and money. Before purchasing such devices, you should understand the theory. Anti-theft systems have their own specifics. For example, tags of acoustic magnetic and radio frequency systems are jammed by different methods. If you are thinking of a booster bag, the material is worth considering. Hemming foil under a bag is an impractical and old-fashioned solution today. The presence of RF screening fabric will simplify the task of any shoplifter, from beginner to professional.

The best equipment from Bombastershop
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