How to Get Rid of Shoplifting Security Tags?

Shopkeepers suffer from shoplifting throughout the year. They invest a lot of money in order to protect themselves from thieves not only entering stores, but also theft among store employees. There are many different types of retail security systems for different types of stores. Choosing the right security system and shoplifting security tags will help reduce theft rate. At the same time, professional shoplifters use devices from Bombastershop and calmly leave the store with a stolen item.

Sensortags Inc and others
For a good example of how anti-theft sensors work, let’s take Sensortags Inc. This company has an excellent record of accomplishment. It has been in the loss prevention industry for over 17 years and has been selling retail security systems to major brands. Sensortags Inc provides anti-theft gates and shoplifting security tags. Such a system monitors the outputs of a thief with a stolen object if the tag has not been properly performed.

How do shoplifting security tags work?
Shoplifting security tags prevent theft of goods as they resonate with a frequency that warns the security gate of theft. The security system lights up and makes a loud sound. The sound of the alarm is well known to us. The entire store is alerted that someone is trying to steal the item. This is followed by the work of the relevant bodies. Many different types of shoplifting security tags protect the merchandise in the store. These include ink tags, eyeglass tags, barcode labels, and more. And for all of these kinds, including Sensortags, there is thieves' equipment to crack it successfully.

How do I destroy shoplifting security tags?
Label tags work on different principles, they can be acoustomagnetic, radio frequency and electromagnetic. AM stickers have 2 dense metal strips of the same size inside. Such marks are very vulnerable to flexion and squeezing. RF stickers have a coil and a flat capacitor at the corner. Such marks are vulnerable to tears and cuts. As for the EM stickers, they are internally two thinnest metal strips that are vulnerable only to bending in half along the length. There are fewer and fewer electromagnetic security tags you can see today. So concentrate more on studying AM and RF systems.

Booster bag for beginners
The easiest way to jam an RF tag is with RF shielding fabric. Today they rarely stop with a request at the entrance to the store to leave customers’ belongings in special cells. The buyer calmly comes to the store with a bag. Professional thieves use special booster bags that use RF shielding fabric to jam RF security tags. Moreover, manufacturers of this fabric sew bags or backpacks of any size and design fabric. Nobody would suspect such unique accessories in such a dark matter.

Unique detachers and jammers from Bombastershop!
For those who are not going to the store to shoplift chips, the manufacturer Bombastershop suggests using magnetic detachers and jammers. You can find the advantages and specifics of the operation of this equipment on the website detacher3. Be sure that you understand the anti-theft systems and their differences. On the site, you will find many training videos and text materials. Great competition takes place in the anti-theft equipment market, like any other, and unfortunately, not all manufacturers can guarantee the safety of their customers. The Bombastershop team is ready to answer any questions and guarantee the reliable operation of their equipment.
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