What Are Anti-Shoplifting Devices

Shop owners have a lot to do to manage their business in the most profitable way. One of the key issues is to install anti-shoplifting devices to prevent losses from shoplifting. In average, they lose about $20 billion a year. The percentage of losses is much lower with advanced protective equipment. Despite its high price, shop owners usually prefer to spend enough money on security. Reducing shoplifting is one of the approaches to increase retailer’s income. In this article, we will talk about anti-shoplifting systems, their varieties and the way they work.

Anti-shoplifting methods
In deep past sellers were usually huge men with sharp looks. You could steal merchandize, but needed to evaluate the possible consequences and mind a possibility of physical punishment. It still takes place, but in low-developed countries. What we use for an anti-shoplifting device now is video surveillance. Video cameras transmit and record activities in the store and then an employee can monitor all situation in the store. 
Another method would be to bolt merchandise, attach cables, and put goods in closed cases. Nowadays it is still used. However, this way gives certain disadvantages. It is not convenient to move the products because of different locking devices and it is difficult for customers to examine the things.  

The most effective anti-shoplifting systems
The abovementioned methods certainly can work out in a number of cases, but the most effective devices are electronic article surveillance (EAS) and closed-circle television (CCTV) systems. CCTV is known as video surveillance; it transmits a signal to a specific place on a limited set of monitors. EAS is a technology that allows identifying articles as they pass through a gate area in the store. The shoplifting alarm system alerts about the attempt to remove the unauthorized item. Security experts state that using these two options together is the best way to protect merchandize from shoplifting.

Three types of EAS systems
The use of EAS systems can’t stop shoplifting completely, but experts say that these anti-shoplifting devices can reduce it by 60 percent or even more. An EAS tag or label is attached to an item. Then the tag is deactivated. If the tag is hard to remove, a shop clerk uses a detacher to remove it when a customer purchases the thing. Some EAS tags contain special ink capsules. In case of forcible removal, they can spoil the item. If the thing has not been deactivated or detached by a clerk (or a shoplifter), shoplifting alarm will sound while the tag is carried through the gates.

1) Radio frequency system (RF)
RF works on the principle of self-field analysis in order to identify the “sinks of the field” (tag). That’s why the RF system must always be set on the basis of 2 columns. It is impossible to make the steady electromagnetic field using only one gate. Professional shoplifters use shielding fabric or RF jammer against the RF system such as rf-jammer.

2) Acousto-magnetic system (AM)
AM works on the principle of resonant response of the tag. The gates firstly create the generation in it, and then listen to the definite frequency response from the generated tags. In this moment of “hearing” the gates themselves are “silent”. Thieves use a “jamming” method for this system with the help of the jammer smart-AM-jammer.

3) Electromagnetic system (EM)
Recently the production of EM systems has stopped for many reasons. It is not economical, as it has very high power consumption. A low percentage of trigger on tags is another disadvantage in this anti-shoplifting system. In addition, there is a very difficult selection of the correct label for the EM gate of a particular manufacturer. At last, due to negative feedback Chinese manufacturers have decline in the production of EM tags.

Shoplifting devices
Today you can find many producers of shoplifting devices on the Internet. Remember that this is not the point to save a couple of dollars on devices and find a cheaper product. Choose a proven company only. Bombastershop has been on the market over 10 years and created a variety of shoplifting products. If you are interested, visit the official website Before you purchase the device, be sure that you know the difference between EAS systems. You can watch a detailed explanation here or read it on faq-type-of-antitheft-system. All Bombastershop’s products are of high quality and guaranteed durability. Good luck in your venturous deals!
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