Shoplifting Laws in GA

Shoplifting laws in GA state that theft is an act in which a person takes someone else's property with the intent to deprive the owner of their legal possession, and use of property. In addition to property, a criminal can also steal services. For example, not paying for hotel accommodation, not paying at a restaurant, personal services, etc. In this article, we will dwell in more detail on shoplifting in Georgia and ways that you can help you avoid punishment.

Misdemeanor for shoplifting
State laws vary, but in most cases the penalty depends on the value of the stolen item. When it comes to shoplifting, these types of thefts are usually of comparative value. If the perpetrator steals goods worth less than $ 1,500, he faces up to 12 months in prison and a fine of up to $ 1,000 under shoplifting law in GA. It is possible that the offender receives a term of 6 months or less, the judge may allow him to serve his sentence off-hours. But it is worth considering the situation separately for each case.

Impact of previous convictions
If there are two or more convictions for theft, the misdemeanor penalty is increased to a felony. This means that a judge can impose a misdemeanor jail sentence (12 months) or a felony jail sentence (one to five years). After a second or subsequent felony conviction, the perpetrator must serve the maximum penalty for that crime. Due to GA shoplifting laws, a criminal convicted of a fourth or subsequent felony is not eligible for release to parole supervision.

GA shoplifting fines
If you get caught stealing in Georgia, it will result in misdemeanor if the value of the stolen property is $ 500 or less. Stolen goods worth more than $ 500 threaten with a felony. In this case, the offender will be punished with imprisonment for a term of one to ten years. Other prosecution scenarios are worth considering. An attorney can charge a small shop for a theft of up to $ 500 over a six-month period.

Avoid GA shoplifting punishment
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