First Offense Shoplifting and Its Consequences

In most cases, shoplifting for the first time, you will probably get pretrial diversion as for your punishment. This means that you will pay a fine, go to community service, or serve probation. If you have "diligent behavior", you are likely to avoid a criminal record. However, another scenario is also possible. You have no right to deviate from the case and you will have to bear responsibility for shoplifting offence and get your verdict.

Is it possible to get to jail for the first offense for shoplifting?
Jail is typically rare for a shoplifter for the very first violation. There may be aggravating circumstances that lead to imprisonment. For example, in addition to theft, you are accused of robbery, burglary, assault on employees, etc. It stands to mention that criminals with multiple arrests usually get a sentence for a longer period. At the same time, even the most trial crimes are taken into consideration.

Basic issues to face charges of shoplifting
It is complicated to understand all shoplifting laws and regulations. In addition, laws differ not only by country, but also by administrative-territorial units. It is stated that a person commits a crime not only by taking goods out of the store. For example, they consider it shoplifting offenses when you change price labels on a product. Or if you are still in the store, but, for example, moved to another floor without paying for the goods; you may be charged for shoplifting. Read the tips if you do get charged, especially if it is a shoplifting first offence.

• Don't run away from the store. If you are suspected of theft, communication with security officers is inevitable. When you are caught, the desire to escape appears intuitively. If you haven't stolen anything, don't even think about running away. This is strong evidence of guilt. If you were unlawfully detained, you have the right to appeal in court. And if you do plan to steal something, with Bombastershop products you don't have to worry about anti-theft systems and even your personal search. Especially if you choose a masked jammer jammeramrf.

• Read carefully what you are signing. Very often the store conducts "its own policy" against shoplifting. The store may offer you to pay compensation for the stolen goods. But it is still too early to rejoice in such a scenario. If an employee gives you a document to sign, be sure you have studied it all. If some paragraphs confuse you, do not sign it.

• Less information to police. When you are handed over to the police, officers will certainly proceed to biased interrogation. Very often, what you think an innocent explanation then turns out to be an admission of guilt. Is shoplifting a criminal offense? All right, here is your right to a lawyer. Police may ask many questions, but it’s in your best interest to keep from answering. As soon as you request for a lawyer, police will stop their interrogation.

• Hire a lawyer. Even in the first shoplifting offense, you should avoid punishment or at least reduce it to the possible minimum. Many shoplifters try to defend themselves, but it's better to trust the case to professionals. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer. He will deal with pre-trial motions that challenge the legality of the detention and, in general, everything possible to avoid the most serious penalties.

• It is obligatory to appear in court! If the case is started on you, hiding will be completely inappropriate. If you fail to appear in court being accused of a criminal charge, the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. In case of violation of a municipal ordinance, the consequences are not so serious. Still, if you fail to appear, the judge will find you guilty by default. The attorney may offer you a deferred prosecution agreement. Especially if you are accused of stealing on the first offense. This can allow you to avoid the sentence completely.

Committing shoplifting offenses by minors
If the crime was committed for the first time, and besides, you have not reached the age of majority, it is time to repent. Yes, expressing sincere remorse for your actions can help you a lot. It's very unlikely that the judge will punish you with jail time. Most likely, you will receive a suspended sentence during which you should show that you are trying to become better. Today minors are often arrested in shops. And the main task still remains not to “punish”, but to “re-educate” the younger generation.
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