Shoplifting at Macy’s and Their Policy

The history of American Macy’s dates back to the 19th century. This year, the company has 546 stores all over the United States. However, this retail giant is suffering from shoplifting just like other stores. Owners are fighting against shoplifting at Macy’s stores and using store policy to punish offenders and prevent future losses.

Theft statistics
According to the general statistics on shoplifting, every 11 citizen has ever stolen an item. The National Retail Safety Survey shows research results every year. Today, the use of complex safety systems equipment can reduce the level of losses from shoplifting. However, it is almost impossible to exclude such cases. The number of professional thieves is significantly less than the one of ordinary shoplifters and kleptomaniacs. But they are the main danger in shoplifting Macy's.

Macy's shoplifting policy
Theft laws differ from state to state and have different powers. According to the National Association Shoplifting Prevention, there is common law for all states to pursue civil claims or civil restitution. Traders are allowed to bring them against suspected thieves so that they can recover the costs they incur to heal their stores from theft. Retailers have had these rights for decades. Regarding Macy’s shoplifting policy, the document foresees a $ 500 penalty on shoppers accused of theft as an alternative to civil prosecution.

Shoplifting as a felony
Many believe that shopping is only a minor penalty in the form of fines and community service. You should remember that the degree of punishment always depends on the value of the stolen items. If you commit more than $ 500 shoplifting at Macy’s, you may be charged with a Class D felony. The offense is punishable by up to 5 years in prison. However, you should consult an experienced lawyer. There are options when a plea bargain is made and jail time can be avoided. It is also possible to pay a fine and get community service, but an experienced specialist only will help to achieve such results.

How to avoid punishment for shoplifting at Macy's?
You should not go for the product if you are not prepared. Theft is no trifling matter, no need to rely on luck. If you decide to steal an item, think over all the steps to the smallest detail. Even professional thieves, when they go to a new place, first investigate all the options, and then act. In addition, shoplifters use high quality shoplifting  equipment. One of the best manufacturers today is Bombastershop ( In case of any questions, you can contact the team and get the necessary information. Without certain knowledge of shoplifting, the best solution is to just stay at home.
How to shoplift
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