Shoplifters Give Up Using Foil Lined Bags

Today there is a large number of equipment for carefree shoplifting. Any newbie will prefer to save their money on buying the necessary devices. Therefore, it is still common to shoplift with foil lined bags. Newbies are looking for information on how to make a foil bag for shoplifting. But it's worth noting that their use has decreased significantly.

Advantages of foil lined bag shoplifting

1. A tin foil lined bag is universal for acoustic-magnetic and RF systems.
2. It does not require large costs to make such a booster bag for shoplifting, since the cost of the necessary materials is relatively low.

Disadvantages of foil bag shoplifting

1. It is necessary to watch constantly the quality of a foil lined bag due to the possibility of micro cracks.
2. Foil lined bags tend to wear out, you will need to make new ones from time to time.
3. The aluminum foil bag raises additional concerns if the tag is too high towards its top edge.
4. If caught by security or police officers, such a bag indicates that its owner is a thief. It will be harder to avoid punishment.

The best thief solutions from Bombastershop!

It is not necessary to complicate your initially complicated deal. It is possible to take out merchandise in a foil lined bag, but in spite of the disadvantages and possible complications, it is better to use modern approaches. The founders of Bombastershop have found reliable solutions and left foil booster bags in the deep past. The use of RF fabric and jammers is by far more reliable and even more cost effective for longer use than foil lined bags.

Benefits of using RF fabric

1. The fabric does not contain metals. Therefore, it is not visible to metal foil detectors.
2. It is impossible to determine tactilely that there is a special package under the lining in the bag.
3. Even for proper daily use, they are durable for at least two years.
4. Maximum reliability in any position using just one layer of RF fabric.

As for the disadvantages of this method, RF fabric bags work only with the RF system.
More information, place an order and read detailed instructions at fabric.

Bombastershop provides black RF fabric, which has been in use since 2017, and a small bag of black RF fabric (looks like the same you had for buying bread yesterday). A newer solution is a specialized RF shielding fabric with a number of advantages over the previous black version. It is not even worth comparing with a foil lined bag.

Jammer 2in1 for professionals!

Experienced shoplifters tend to choose equipment that is less troublesome and reduces risk to the possible lowest level. Thus, a professional will not use foil bags. RF fabric bags are used instead and jammers are preferred. Bombastershop offers AM jammers, RF jammers or a unique solution - 2in1 jammers. For a detailed description, visit jammeramrf.

Benefits of using jammers

1. They do not limit your actions in the store.
2. The product can be put absolutely anywhere (a bag, a pocket, a sleeve, etc.)
3. In case of capture, the jammer does not strike security as suspicious since its disguise is done in the casings of ordinary devices (for example, in a PowerBank disguise).
4. Convenient to carry.

If you have any questions, you do not know the difference between AM and RF systems, or you simply have doubts about the use of shoplifting devices, browse, the official Bombastershop website.
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